Atomic Learning & Qualtrics

Supplemental Training Resources

In addition to face-to-face trainings, handouts,and online guides, VSU faculty, staff,and students have complete access to the following supplemental resources: 


Atomic Learning

Atomic Learning offers a library of over 50,000 short, show-and-tell online video technology tutorials on over 205 of the most common applications such as Microsoft, Adobe, and much more.

  • Accessible 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Technology how-to self assessment to review your individual skill level
  • Video storytelling guide to planning and create quality movies


Qualtrics is a powerful, web-based survey tool which facilitates survey creation, distribution, and data monitoring/collection.

Qualtrics Support Resources:

To Access Atomic Learning and Qualtrics: 

1. From VSU homepage (, go to the MyVSU login page and log in with your BlazeVIEW credentials.

Login to faculty portal

2. Scroll down and select either Atomic Learning or Qualtrics. 

Navigation Menu

3. This will navigate to the corresponding site without any additional user sign-in requirements.