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Location: Old Georgia Power Building 
Minimum Enrollment:  3
Registration Deadline: 2 days prior to class start date

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Cascade Server Basic (Web Editor): The Cascade Basic training introduces features available in the new Content Management System (CMS) utilized by VSU to maintain departmental websites.  This class is mandatory for those who have the responsibility of editing departmental web content. It is also a prerequisite to attending the Cascade Intermediate training and Cascade Open Labs.

January 15, 9a-12p February 4, 1:30p-4:30p March 21, 9:30a-12:30p
January 23, 2p-5p March 7, 9a-12p April 18, 10a-1p

Cascade Server Intermediate (Web Editor): The Cascade Intermediate training introduces advance features available in the new Content Management System (CMS) utilized by VSU to maintain departmental websites. Topics include: Anchors, Slideshows, Video, Forms, and more. This optional class is ideal for those who are responsible for editing departmental web content.
Prerequisite: Cascade Server Basic.

January 29, 9a-12p             February 11, 1p-4p

Cascade Server Open Lab (Web Editor): The Cascade Open Lab session is an opportunity for those who have previously attended a Cascade training to come and receive one-on-one assistance of specific questions or tasks. This session should not be used as a Cascade Basic Training substitute. Participants can attend the open lab at any point within the session’s scheduled time. *For planning purposes, registration is recommended but not required.
Prerequisite: Cascade Server Basic.

February 25, 2p-5p May 14, 9a-12p

Microsoft Outlook Series: Designed to help you gain control and understanding of Outlook and Office 365, this series will focus on using specific Outlook features to help you work smarter not harder. Topics include: calendar sharing, scheduling, creating distribution groups, setting rules and automatic replies, assigning tasks, and much more.

Calendar January 9, 3p-5p February 27, 9a-11a
Contacts February 13, 1:30p-3:30p April 2, 9:30a-11:30a
Management March 12, 9a-11:30a April 17, 2p-4:30p

Microsoft Word Series: Intended for experienced Word users, this series will focus on using features that will help you create documents such as research papers, project reports, or mass mailings.
Prerequisite: a strong sense of basic Word skills.

Customization, Macros, and Mail Merge March 27, 2p-5p
Headers, Footers, and Page Breaks April 25, 10a-12p
Table of Contents, Citations, and Footnotes May 1, 9:30a-12p

VoIP/Jabber (IM): Designed to help you become familiar with the features of the new Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone, this hands-on workshop will demonstrate tasks such as transferring calls or speed dialing; as well as introduce you to the instant messenger application called Jabber that integrates many of the phone features such as voicemail, conference chats/calls, and call history.

January 14, 1:30p-3:30p March 19, 1:30p-3:30p  April 21, 9:30a-12p
February 7, 9:30a-11:30a  March 25, 9:30a-12p May 6, 3p-5:30p
March 4, 3p-5p April 10, 3p-5:30p