Welcome to the VSU Wireless Guides

Starting in Fall of 2013, Valdosta State University's existing residential and wireless network, HallNet, will be replaced by a new network, VSU Wireless, powered by SmartPass Connect. You can start using the new network by installing a profile onto your device.

You can can even configure your device at any time, anywhere.  Just click the the button below:

Wireless smartpass button

After you have installed the profile, it will have the following effects:

  • You will no longer be required to log in every time you connect to the network.
  • While connected to VSU Wireless, your computer will use the profile's settings rather than its normal wireless settings. This will prevent software and setting conflicts that would hinder you from connecting properly.
  • While connected to another network, your computer will continue to use its own wireless settings. As a result, the profile will not cause issues when you connect to your home network or other wi-fi hotspots.
  • Each semester, the profile must be renewed in order to continue to connect to VSU Wireless.

The new network will continue to be accessible to faculty, staff, and students of the university at a number of locations across the campus wirelessly. Meanwhile, wired connections will continue to be maintained in residence halls that currently have that capability.

Steps for Setting up Your Device for VSU Wireless

NOTE: If you connected to the old network, HallNet, in the past, we would recommend to first forget HallNet on your device prior to performing the steps listed in the guides below.  We would also recommend that you forget any profiles for VSU-Personal and VSU-StartHere if you tried to configure VSU-Personal prior to September 17th, 2013.  The steps to do so can be found in the guide:

VSU Wireless Assistance