Other Devices

Step 1:

Connect to the network VSU-Start Here. Steps to do so will vary based on your device.

Connect to VSU-StartHere

Step 2:

Open you web browser and when you are taken to the VSU Wireless page click the VSUWireless button.

VSU Wireless Button


Step 3:

Click the load SmartPass Connect manually link.

Click Load SmartPass Connect Manually

Step 4:

Click the gray heading that best matches type the device you are attempting to connect. Then, follow the instructions listed in the window that appears.

Follow the Steps for Your Device


You have successfully configured your device to connect to VSU Wireless! If you need assistance with this process, please contact the IT Helpdesk at (229) 245-4357 or email us at helpdesk@valdosta.edu.

Please note that our help request system can only accept emails sent from a VSU email address.