Wireless Gaming Configuration


Please be aware that this process is for connecting a gaming device to the VSU Wireless network only.  If you wish for a device to be connected via a wired connection, please access the Wired Gaming Registration page and complete the IT Network Service Form: Gaming Device Approval in its entirety.

Step 1:

Navigate to the VSU Wireless webpage and click the Game Console Registration Portal link.

Clicking the Gaming Console Registration Portal link

Step 2:

Click the red Login button.

Click the red login button

Step 3:

Enter your Blazeview username and password into the appropriate fields.

Username and Password fields

Step 4:

Enter your personal description into the Device Description field.  Enter the device MAC or physical address into the MAC Address field.  Click the red Submit button.

Enetr the informatyion into the appropriate fields.

Deactivating a Device Step 1:

Click the Edit button next to the device you wish to deactivate.

Click edit button next to device

Deactivating a Device Step 2:

Select the Deactivate radio button, and click the Update button.

Deactivate radio button, and click submit


You have successfully added or removed a device in the portal. If you have any questions regarding your email account, please call us at (229) 245-4357 or email us at  the Helpdesk.

Please note that our work request system can only accept emails sent from a VSU email address.