Logging Into Remote Desktop for Mac Computers

Installing RDC

Step 1:

Go to http://www.microsoft.com/mac/downloads.


Step 2:

Click Remote Desktop, followed by Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac 2.1.1, and then click Download Now.

shows downloads page 

Step 3:

On the new page that opens click Download.

download button shown 

Step 4:

Once you have downloaded the file, double-click RDC_2.1.1_ALL.dmg, and then double-click RDC Installer in the new window, and follow the prompts


Using RDC

Step 1:

Click on Terminal in the dock.

shows mac dock, and terminal icon 

Step 2:

Type ssh -L 3388:xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:3389 yyyy@rdc2.valdosta.edu.

  • Replace the x's with the IP address of your computer.
  • Replace the y's with your FTP username.

shows terminal window with text 

Step 3:

Type yes when prompted.

shows terminal with yes typed in 

Step 4:

Enter your FTP password when the prompt appears. After you have done so, DO NOT CLOSE THE TERMINAL WINDOW!

shows terminal, needing password typed in 

Step 5:

Click on Remote Desktop Connection in the dock.

shows mac dock, with rdc icon 

Step 6:

In the Computer field, type localhost:3388.


Step 7:

Enter VSU\ followed by your computer login username in the User name field.

Enter your Computer login password in the Password field.

Now click the OK button, A window should appear displaying your office computer desktop.

shows username and password field filled in 


You have now installed and made a connection to your office computer using Remote Desktop Connection for Mac.

If you have problems when trying these instructions please contact the Information Technology Helpdesk at 229-245-4357 or send an e-mail tohelpdesk@valdosta.edu Please note that our work request system can only accept emails sent from a VSU email address.