Creating Tasks

Step 1:

Click on TASKS in order to access the task viewer.

Button labeled tasks in the lower left portion of the web browser's screen

Step 2:

The following steps explain how to add details to the task and to finish creating the task.

  1. Click on the new task button
  2. Fill out the Subject:, Due:, and the message fields
  3. Click on the SAVE button

Button that is labeled New Task in the upper left portion of the web browser's screen

Step 3:

To add more details to the task: select the show more details button and edit the fields located below.

Button that adds detailed information to the task


You have now completed the guide on creating tasks in your VSU Web Outlook account. If you encounter issues while attempting these steps, please send an email from your VSU email account to or contact the IT Helpdesk by phone at 229-245-4357