Completing Tasks

Step 1:

To mark only one task as complete:

  1. Select Tasks
  2. Select the specific task then needs to be marked for completion
  3. Select either:
    1. The small clipboard with a check mark on the specific task
    2. COMPLETE that is located about the details of the task

Select tasks then select the specific task and then the complete button

Step 2:

To mark multiple tasks as complete:

  1. Select Tasks
  2. Select multiple tasks in the task list
  3. Select COMPLETE that is located to the right of the task list

Select multiple tasks and select complete on the right portion of the web browser


You have now completed the guide on how to mark a task as complete in your VSU Web Outlook account. If you encounter issues while attempting these steps, please send an email from your VSU email account to or contact the IT Helpdesk by phone at 229-245-4357.