Adding your Contacts

Step 1:

Select People from the top of the page.

Select people from top right

Step 2:

Select new from the top left of the page.

Selecting new

Step 3:

Select create contact.

Select create contact

Step 4:

Fill in the fields as desired, then click the SAVE button.

Filling in fields as desired

Step 5:

In order to create a group made up of your contacts, first follow steps 1 and 2, then select create group.

Selecting create group

Step 6:

Enter a group name, and then search for and add members in the members field.  Once you have finished click the SAVE button.

entering info into fields, then clicking save


You have now completed the guide on creating contacts in your VSU Web Outlook account.  If you encounter issues while attempting these steps, please send an email from your VSU email account to or contact the IT Helpdesk by phone at 229-245-4357.