Troubleshoot your connection to Hallnet in Mac OS X

Step 1: Bring up the System Preferences

On the Dock at the bottom of the screen, select System Preferences.


Step 2: Bring up Network Preferences

Once System Preferences is open, click on the Network icon.


Step 3: Advance Airport Settings

Select Airport on the left and then click on Advanced.


Step 4: Using DHCP

Select TCP/IP tab and click on Using DHCP under Configure IPv4 field.


Step 5: Renew DHCP Lease

Click on Renew DHCP Lease.


Please Note:

The IPv4 Address should be between the ranges of : –

Subnet Mask should be:

Router should be:

If you have problems when trying these instructions, or if you have other question concerning the wired network, please contact the Information Technology Helpdesk at 229-245-4357 or send an e-mail to Please note that our work request system can only accept emails sent from a VSU email address.