Adjusting wireless network properties for Hallnet on Windows XP

Step 1: Bring up the Wireless Networks Tab

Click Change the order of preferred networks.


Step 2: Allow Windows to Configure Wireless Network Settings

Make sure the checkbox in front of Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings is checked. Then, click the Advanced button.


Step 3: Set the Wireless to Connect Only to Access Points

An Advanced window will appear. Make sure the radio button in front of Access point (infrastructure) networks only is marked. Make sure the checkbox in front of Automatically connect to non-preferred networks is not marked. Click the Close button.


Step 4: Remove Preferred Networks

You will be returned to the Wireless Network Connection Properties window. Click on any network found in the Preferred networks list. Then, click theRemove button. Repeat this process until no networks are listed in the Preferred networks list. Once the list is empty, click the OK button.


Congratulations! You have successfully adjusted yuor wireless network properties for Hallnet. If this does not correct the issue, please try our other configuration guides, or contact the VSU IT Helpdesk at or at 229-245-4357. Please note that our work request system can only accept emails sent from a VSU email address.