Installing the Campus Printers to your Mac

Step 1:

Please visit our software page to download the driver. Due to the file size, please be patient, as the download may take some time. After the download is complete, double-click on the downloaded file to open it.

image link to software page

Software Downloads

Step 2:

Double Click the Popup.pkg icon and the installation process will begin.

double click install file

Step 3:

Once the Install Pharos Popup Client appears, click Continue in the Introduction window.

clicking continue button

Step 4:

In the Read Me window, click continue.

click the continue button

Step 5:

In the Installation Type window, click Install.

click the install button

Step 6:

If a prompt appears, please enter your Mac password and click Install Software.

Typing in Mac admin password

Step 7:

Installation is complete, click on Close.

says successful, click close button


On the first print, the computer will automatically acquire the respective Xerox WorkCenter driver from Apple's database and install it in your computer.