The goal of this initiative is to provide a cost effective, flexible and responsible print environment that meets the academic printing needs of the student body as well as minimizing paper and toner waste. This program was not implemented to provide the university with any form of revenue stream, and so, cost savings are re-directed to other student technology fee supported services.


The benefits of the campus print solution include:

  • Reduced waste of supply and maintenance cost
  • Duplex printing
  • Job identification at printer to ensure user receives job he/she printed
  • Color printing, copying and scanning available in strategic locations
  • Better management of printing by both the students and the campus


Phase 1

Valdosta State University first implemented the campus print solution in August of 2007 with the installation of 30 multi-function printers across the campus funded by student technology fees and approved by the student body. After a year of monitoring counts of student prints, a print allocation was determined based on the average number of prints per student.

Phase 2

Beginning in August of 2008, students received an allocation of $12.50 (equivalent of 250 single-sided black and white prints) per semester for printing and copying. This allocation was further adjusted in August 2009 to $17.50 (equivalent of 350 single-sided black and white prints) per semester.

Phase 3

Beginning in August 2011, new components of the solution are being implemented to allow student to print from their own personal PC and Mac computers and to claim their print jobs from any printer associated with the campus print solution. The projected costs of the components required to facilitate these benefits are as follows:

Student Managed Printing System
Xerox WorkCentre 5755 (Printer)
Xerox WorkCentre 7535 (Printer)
Total Hardware
Black and White Maintenance (in Clicks)
Color Maintenance (in Clicks) $16,474.69
Paper (in Reams) $28,099.92
Total Maintenance $68,135.99
Grand Total Projected Cost FY 13 $153,992.93
Student Tech Fee (STF) FY13 Est. $1,456,702.21
Printing as % of STF 13.38%
Student Allocation (bw prints) 350 $17.50

Implementation Steps

The initial implementation of 30 multi-function printers allowed coverage of the library and high print volume open student computer labs. Since then, the university has been expanding the printer fleet in order to provide managed printing to all open computer labs. This expansion was in preparation for phase 3 of the initiative, which would allow students to claim prints at any managed printing location, rather than only from the printer in the computer lab the print where the document was printed.

Process Overviewomega

  • Students send their prints, using their campus computer logon (Active Directory) username and password
  • Students swipe their VSU ID cards via the embedded release station to display a list of their prints on the terminal
  • Students select the prints they wish to retrieve