Internet Explorer


Internet Explorer is not available for Mac computers. Likewise, it has become closely integrated into newer versions of Microsoft Windows, such as Windows 8.

Feature Usage


  • Enable TLS 1.0 in Internet Explorer - If you are experiencing recurring issues connecting to web pages starting with in Internet Explorer, these steps will enable the security settings required to access the page.
  • Adjusting Temporary Internet File Caching - If you are experiencing recurring issues with older versions of web pages being displayed in Internet Explorer, we would recommend that you clear your browser cache and then follow the steps in this guide in order to prevent web pages from being saved to your computer.
  • Adjusting Pop-up Blocker Settings - Some Valdosta State University web sites, use pop-up windows to display vital content. You can add VSU web sites to your pop-up blocker exception list to keep them from being blocked while still protecting your computer from malicious pop-ups.
  • Disabling Conflicting Add-ons - Some toolbars and other browser add-ons can block pop-ups from appearing. However, certain sites, use pop-up windows to display vital content. You can disable these add-ons using the steps in this guide to prevent them from interfering.
  • Clearing Saved Passwords - If you have recently changed your password for a Valdosta State University account but it is not functioning properly, you may have an old password saved in Internet Explorer. These steps will help you clear these passwords.
  • Setting Your Default Web Browser - If you open a web page saved on your computer and it opens it in a browser other than Internet Explorer, please use these steps to set Internet Explorer as your default web browser.