Clearing the Cache in Mozilla Firefox

Step 1:

Double-click on the Mozilla Firefox icon on the desktop.

An image of the Mozilla Firefox desktop icon.

Or click on Start, go to All Programs, go to Mozilla Firefox, and click on Mozilla Firefox.

An image of the start menu with the Mozilla Firefox folder selected and the Mozilla Firefox option highlighted.


Step 2:

After Mozilla Firefox opens, click on the Tools menu, then click on Clear Recent History.

An image of the Tools menu in Firefox opened with the Clear Recent History option highlighted and selected.


Step 3:

Make sure that the Time Range to Clear is set to Everything.

Click the Drop Down Arrow next to Details and make sure that all that you want to clear is checked.

Then click Clear Now.

An image of the Clear Recent History dialogue box with the Time Range to clear option high lighted and the Details and Clear now options high lighted. Additionally the Browsing and Download History, Form and Search History, Cookies, Cache, and Active Logins boxes are checked.



You have successfully cleared the cache in Mozilla Firefox. If you have an questions or concerns, please contact the Helpdesk or 229-245-HELP (4357). Please note that our work request system can only accept emails sent from a VSU email address.