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Scope of the Logistics and Distribution Department

Specific services for Valdosta State University are administratively assigned to Business Services, a component of the Office of Finance and Administration under direction of the Vice President for Finance and Administration. A number of functional service offices report to the Director of Business Services. The following offices are included in the organizational structure of Business Services:

Logistics and Distribution Functions and Responsibilities

  • Provide departments with processes to acquire goods and services.
  • Reallocate usable equipment and supplies that are surplus to a campus department. Sell scrap metal, equipment and supplies, that are surplus to the campus, according to State regulations.
  • Make periodic check of equipment property in campus departments and maintain property inventory file.
  • Continuously study internal operations in an effort to maintain the most practical order and efficiency, and ensure close cooperation with departments and units concerning Business Services.
  • All activities, services, and pricing concerns of Printing and Copy services.
  • All functions and activities of Campus Mail services.
  • Document and report to the Vice President for Finance and Administration any matter related to these offices which either has the appearance of illegality or could violate the integrity of the institution with regard to the public administration aspect of these procedures.