Student Employee of the Year

The Southern Association of Student Employee Administrators (SASEA) conducts a selection process each year to recognize outstanding student employees in the Southern region. This award seeks to recognize the contributions and achievements of students who work on campus while attending college. Students are evaluated based on reliability, quality of work, initiative, professionalism and the uniqueness of their contribution.

Eligibility: A student must meet all of the following conditions to be considered for the award:

  • Must be employed by a VSU college/unit/department.
  • Must have completed or expected to complete a minimum of six (6) months part-time employment during this academic year.
  • Must be an undergraduate or graduate student assistant who is employed on an hourly basis (not on an assistantship or appointment).

Process: The committee will meet in an agreed manner and time to review and discuss the nominations. The SASEA Rating Form will be used to evaluate each nominee. A committee member must exclude him/her self from the rating process for any student employed within their specific office. Upon a decision of the committee, the nomination form and rating sheet for the winner will be forwarded to the Student Employment Manager, who will then complete and forward the Institutional Nomination Form to SASEA for entry in the state level competition

Committee Composition: The committee will consist of 6 members, preferably one from each of the following entities:

  • VSU Career Service
  • VSU Human Resources
  • VSU Financial Aid
  • VSU Academic Support Center
  • VSU Student Government Association
  • VSU Graduate School

The committee will review nominations provided by VSU employers to determine the VSU Student Employee of the Year, who will then represent VSU in the State competition, and possibly the regional and national competition.

After the Student Employment Office receives the completed nomination forms, a selection committee will determine the VSU winner by using the SASEA rating forms. After selecting a winner, the committee will submit the Institutional Selection Report and nomination form to the VSU SASEA State Liaison by the date specified for the current year for entry in the state and regional competitions.

To nominate a student employee for Student Employee of the Year please fill out the form linked here: Student Employee of the Year Nomination Form