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ADP questions related to

  • General HR issues, call 229-333-5709.
  • Leave Issues, call 229-333-5709 ask for Regina Lee.
  • Benefits (BOSS) issues, call 229-333-5709 ask for Catherine Willis
  • W2 and general payroll issues, call Jamie Flint at 229-333-5710
  • Computer access issues, submit an on-line help form at or contact the IT Helpdesk at 229-245-4357.
  • Student employment issues, call 229-333-7574
  • Training assistance, call 229-259-5105

  • What is the Shared Services Project?

    To improve efficiency and effectiveness, the University System of Georgia is adopting a shared services strategy. Effective August 8, 2009, Shared Services will consolidate several administrative processes to increase functionality and service to all university employees. One of the steps required to accomplish this consolidation was to contract with a new computer software company called ADP.
  • What is ADP?

    The University System of Georgia has contracted with ADP to implement a new Enterprise Human Resources System and a Time & Labor Software System to provide all its employees greater access to managing their personal information, reviewing select benefits, record time entries to log time worked and leave time taken and run the payroll processes.

  • When was the new system implemented?

    August 8, 2009.
  • What has changed with this new system?

    ADP will provide secure Internet access to a variety of tools that will enable you to take control of your personal and financial matters, including:

    • Time & Attendance: Electronic time sheets that track and report absence/vacation time.

    • Payroll: Shared Services will provide and maintain our HR and Payroll Systems as well as issue payroll payments via direct deposit, pay cards and paper checks (mailed from off campus site).

    • Benefits: Through Shared Services, you will be able to manage your benefits and open enrollment information online.

  • What is a CORE USER?

    A CORE USER is a leader in the Shared Services project who will be responsible for implementing the new software system on the campus.
  • Who are the CORE USERS at VSU?

    The core users are those employees in Human Resources, Financial Services, Information Technology, and Academic Affairs who have the responsibility of entering and processing data in the new system.
  • Who do I contact for questions and/or support?

    The Board of Regents approved an initiative to bring the processing of Payroll and Benefits into one centralized location, the Shared Services Center (SSC). Effective November 7, 2011 Valdosta State University is being phased into the SSC Call Center process which means that all employees, including faculty, staff, students and retirees will be directing basic inquiries regarding ADP Self-Service Access, Benefits and Payroll to the SSC Call Center.

    To contact the SSC Call Center:

    • Phone Support: 1-855-214-2644 Toll Free

  • When will training take place?

    If you are a new employee needing assistance or would like a refresher, please contact Employee Development at 259-5105. 


  • Will checks still be processed at VSU?

    Paychecks will be issued by the state's Shared Services department – not by VSU. Keep in mind that paper checks will be mailed to individuals two days prior to payday and may be delayed due to weekend delivery, holidays, and regular U.S. mail.
  • How will I submit my time worked?

    Paper time sheets will be replaced by electronic time sheets for non-exempt bi-weekly employees. Paper leave sheets for all employees (with the exception of time clock users) will be replaced by electronic leave sheets. With the new system, employees will key online their time worked/taken off, with supervisor approval. Supervisors, who now sign a paper time sheet or leave report, will approve the electronic form online. This will be applicable to student employees, bi-weekly paid employees, and monthly paid faculty and staff employees. However, those paid monthly will only key in their leave time taken. A couple of departments on campus will still use time clocks to clock in/out of work. In addition, all employees will go through the new E-Time training module prior to August 8, 2009.
  • If I do not have direct deposit, how long will it take to get my check?

    Checks will be mailed from an off campus location to an employee’s home address; there will be a delay in receiving these checks of potentially 3-4 days. Thus, to ensure that all employees (including student employees) are paid on a timely basis, please encourage everyone in your department to change now to direct deposit, if possible. 

    We are strongly encouraging all employees (including student employees), to sign up for direct deposit, because paper paychecks will no longer be distributed on site.

  • How do I sign up for direct deposit?

    Obtain a direct deposit enrollment form by clicking here and return it to Payroll along with a voided check.

  • What if I do not have a bank account?

    ADP provides a service called ADP TotalPay Visa to employees who do not hold bank accounts and would like their money quicker than they would receive their pay via a mailed check. This includes employees that currently have a Bank of America CashPay Card. Read more about the TotalPay Visa by clicking here.
  • What if I already have direct deposit?

    If you already have direct deposit you will not have to make any changes. Your direct deposit information will be transferred to the new ADP system. We do encourage you to go into Employee Self Service now and make sure all of your information is correct.
  • What if I choose not to get direct deposit?

    Your pay check will be mailed from an off-campus site to your home address; therefore there will be a delay in receiving these checks of potentially 3-4 days. If you do not receive our paper check in the mail, you will need to wait 10-12 business days before stop payment can be placed on your check and have a check reissued during the next payroll cycle. Or you can choose to enroll in the ADP TotalPay Visa program.
  • Why is there a strong push for direct deposit?

    Direct deposit provides the most convenient and quickest way to get your earnings to you. Printing and mailing checks add rather significant costs to the operational budget and reducing or eliminating these costs is another way we can affect the budget without having a great effect on people.
  • Will Shared Services affect COBRA?

    Shared Services will handle all COBRA activities. Participants will no longer be able to make these payments with a credit card or via cash at the Benefits Office on campus.
  • Will Shared Services affect retiree billing?

    Shared Services will collect all retiree benefit payments. Participants will no longer be able to make these payments at VSU, including the Benefit Office or the Cashier’s Office.
  • Will Shared Services affect benefits open enrollment?

    Open enrollment this fall will be completed and submitted to Shared Services electronically. Shared Services will send employees a confirmation of their benefit changes. As always, Human Resources will be available to help with your selection of benefits and assist with the new system.
  • Will I still get a check advice?

    Through the payroll system, employees will not receive a check advice. However, you can view a copy of your check advice using the Employee Self Service web site.
  • If I choose a paper check, where will I be able to cash it locally?

    Checks will be on a Bank of America account. There may be a fee for cashing your pay check depending on the bank you choose. Yet another reason to consider direct deposit.
  • What is E-Time?

    E-time is the online time and leave entry system. 

    • Student Assistants, Work Study, Casual Laborers and part-time staff will punch in and out through the timestamp process.

    • Benefited Bi-weekly will enter their time worked, sick and vacation time.

    • Monthly will enter their sick and vacation time.

    • Identified areas will use the time clock time entry process.

    E-time is also where time and leave approval takes place.

  • What is the employee's role in E-Time?

    Employees need to be sure the correct information is entered in the E-Time system prior to each payroll deadline according to the responsibilities of their position as covered in question #22.
  • Will I get a new employee ID number for E-Time?

    Yes. This new ID can be obtained by using the Employee ID Lookup database. This does not replace your 870 # on your ID card. The 870 # will continue to be used on campus.
  • What if my time is not approved by the payroll deadline?

    You will be unable to be paid until it is approved. If it is not approved by the deadline, you will get paid during the next payroll cycle.
  • What do I do if my paycheck is incorrect?

    If the problem is related to leave time or benefits, please contact the Human Resources Department at 229-333-5709. If the problem is related to the pay being incorrect, please contact the Payroll Office at or 229-333-5710.
  • How do I access my W-2?

    For instructions click HERE.