Retiree Resource Page

Welcome to the Retiree Resource Page

This page is designed to provide you with quick access to information you need to know after you retire from VSU.

Retirees Association

Learn how you can become involved by visiting the Retirees Association web page.


Retiree Billing Policy

Retirees, employees on leave status, and COBRA participants are continued on the institution's benefit programs upon request and are required to remit premiums for coverage on a monthly basis. These premiums are billed at the close of each month. However, premiums are paid in advance.

Please contact Shared Services for billing information.

You may contact the SSC Call Center via:

Where appropriate, coverage may be canceled based on non-payment of premiums or other qualifying circumstances. Participants will be notified when coverage is to be terminated.


2015 Open Enrollment Benefits Updates

Ways to prepare:

  • Look for mailers
  • Attend the Benefits and Wellness Fair on Tuesday, November 4 from 10AM to 2PM in the Student Union Ballrooms (3rd floor) on main campus. Health screens (hearing (9-12), glucose, cholesterol, body fat analysis/BMI, blood  pressures) will begin at 9AM. 
  • Attend the information session sponsored by the VSU Retiree Association immediately following the fair at 2PM on Tuesday, November 4 in the Student Union Theatre (1st floor)
  • Go to the USG Website for more information.

Open Enrollment Highlights

USG plan will become secondary coverage for all Medicare eligible retirees effective 7/1/15
USG will assist Retirees not currently enrolled in Medicare (‘grandfathered’) to enroll in Medicare during January – March 2015
USG will pay late enrollment penalty for retirees who enroll during this period
As of 7/1/15 – rates will be the same for all retirees since the plan will be secondary coverage only – no longer have ‘enrolled and not enrolled’ rates

Additional Information

Social Security

Social Security has a new online retirement application.  It’s so easy! 

You can apply for retirement benefits from the comfort of your home or office at There’s no need to drive to your local Social Security office or wait for an appointment with a Social Security representative. You can complete the new online retirement application in as little as 15 minutes.