The personnel practices and procedures which follow are meant to provide general guidelines in numerous areas. These practices follow those developed by the University System of Georgia and should there be interpretive conflicts, in no case will the action taken be less than that specified by such Board policy.

Additionally, we must be concerned with compliance to various State of Georgia and Federal regulations affecting the employee-employer relationship. These practices are meant to assure such compliance and prevailing law will generally dictate action to be taken.

In developing this manual, a conscious effort has been made to eliminate wording which has the effect of implying the sex of an employee; i.e., his benefit has been altered to his/her, an employee's benefits, etc. In cases where this has been overlooked, employees are to consider such wording in a generic sense.

Departmental manuals are allowed to supplement the VSU practices contained herein and must be approved by the Department of Human Resources. Such departmental manuals may be more detailed than those contained herein but not be less stringent than the Board of Regents or University policies and must comply with Federal, State, or other regulations. Departmental procedures must meet the general policies and procedural guidelines of the institution and should have approval of the Department of Human Resources prior to implementation.

Interpretation and enforcement of this manual shall be the responsibility of the Department of Human Resources, and employees are encouraged to seek assistance in understanding practices which do not seem clearly addressed.