Drug Testing Policy

Valdosta State University as a recipient of Federal funds supports and complies with the provisions of the Drug Free Work Place Act of 1988. As an employer, Valdosta State University will aggressively promote and strive to maintain a drug free work place for its faculty and staff.

The unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession or use of illegal drugs by Valdosta State University employees is prohibited. Violations of this policy, to include misdemeanor and/or felony drug convictions during the course of one's employment will result in appropriate disciplinary actions being imposed by the institution. Said penalties may include suspension or termination of employment.

Employees who feel they have a potential substance abuse problem are encouraged to seek professional assistance. The Valdosta State University Counseling Center staff will treat such requests for evaluation or therapy confidentially and provide short-term assistance limited to five sessions where indicated. Longer term counseling or therapy will remain the individual's responsibility and use of private practitioners or rehabilitation facilities is encouraged by the institution.

Faculty, staff members and student employees of Valdosta State University are expected to adhere to the policies of the institution, observe the basic rules of good conduct and to meet appropriate standards of performance. This policy, as with other institutional policies, including state and federal laws, and Board of Regents policies shall be observed.

New employees of Valdosta State University shall have this policy communicated to them, and said policy shall be included in the Faculty Handbook, the Classified Personnel Policy Manual and the Student Handbook.

Pre-employment Drug Testing

Pre-employment drug testing of candidates selected for certain types of employment is mandated by O.C.G.A. 45-20-111, signed into law following the 1995 session of the General Assembly.

Valdosta State University shall require pre-employment drug tests of individuals selected for positions which may directly impact the health, safety and welfare of others. Employment categories that are subject to pre-employment screening include: all certified police officer classifications, positions which require a commercial driver’s license and all health related positions providing direct patient care in the Student Health Services Division, e.g., physicians, staff nurses, medical technologist, pharmacists, etc.

New positions created by Valdosta State University will be evaluated to determine the necessity for pre-employment drug screening. Current positions not requiring such screening are subject to re-evaluation and may be added to the list of those effected. All positions requiring pre-employment drug testing must be approved by the Director of Human Resources.

Any candidate selected for a covered position must submit to the pre-employment drug test prior to commencing employment or within ten days after commencing employment. The cost of pre-employment drug test will be borne by the employing department. Failure to report positive test results shall disqualify the candidate from employment for a period of two years from the test offer of administrative date.

Detailed instructions on the drug test procedure will be made available to those departments normally employing individuals who are covered by this policy.

Random Drug Screening

Employment categories subject to such screening include Public Safety, Health and Childcare Providers and employees whose duties require a Commercial Drivers License. These employees are considered high risk in that inattentiveness while on duty, or errors in judgment, could result in harm to themselves or others. The Department of Human Resources initiates the random screening and notifies the appropriate departmental employee to have selected employees report for testing. Applicants and/or employees who refuse to report for a drug test or who test positive for he use of illegal substances will not be eligible for employment, or will be terminated from employment in accordance with the University’s termination procedures.

Voluntary Disclosure

Provisions set forth in Section 807.12, Voluntary Disclosure of Drug Use, shall not apply when an employee subject to random drug screening has been selected to report for random drug screening.

If, prior to arrest for an offense involving a controlled substance, marijuana, or a dangerous drug, an employee notifies his or her immediate supervisor that he or she illegally uses a controlled substance, marijuana, or a dangerous drug, and is receiving or agrees to receive treatment under a drug abuse and education program approved by the President of the institution, such employee shall be retained by the institution for up to one year as long as the employee follows the treatment plan. Retention of such employee shall be conditioned upon satisfactory completion of the program. The employee's work activities may be restructured if in the opinion of the immediate supervisor it is deemed advisable. The rights herein granted shall be available to a System employee only once during a five year period, and shall not apply to any employee who is selected for random drug screening, has refused to be tested or who has tested positive for a controlled substance, marijuana, or a dangerous drug.

Other employment categories may be added to those subject to pre-employment and random drug screening. Human Resources will review the position description(s) of newly created positions and request approval by the President for those determined to be safety sensitive.

Section 807.10 and Section 807.12

Substance Abuse Professionals

Letter to Employees

Office of Alcohol and Other Drug Education