Funding Pay Requests

1. Additional Pay Adjustment Requests that can be funded internally should have a Budget Amendment Request Form attached as a second page to the Additional Pay Adjustment Request Form. The Budget Amendment Request will identify the source of the funds. If the source is another position expensed to the same budget line (i.e. another Staff or Professional/Admin position in the same department) use the Account Description field to identify which position number the funding is coming “from” and which position number it should go “to”. The Budget Amount for the respective positions will be changed to reflect the new funding for each. If a position is collapsed, give us the position number and the Budget Amount related will be changed to zero.

2. If the Additional Pay Adjustment Request requires additional funding from outside the department, then the manager requesting the increase should attach a Budget Amendment Request Form listing the additional funds that will be needed by budget line. In addition to a salary line there will usually be a FICA/FICA Medicare line and a retirement line with the amount calculated as a percent of the salary line. These requests will be funded from a permanent pool established in Human Resources and Employee Development to meet Additional Pay Adjustment requests. If the funds in this pool have been exhausted the request will go to the Budget Advisory Council for funding. If the later instance is necessary, requests received by the Wednesday before a regular Budget Advisory Council meeting on Friday will be considered at that meeting. The overall financial condition of the university will be the primary concern of the Budget Advisory Council in providing funding. If the funds cannot be identified at the current time, then the Additional Pay Adjustment Request may be tabled for consideration during the original budget process. Requests would be considered as funding becomes available based on the date of the original request. Funding not committed to requests would lapse along with other salary lines as the fiscal year progresses. However, the pool would be funded again in the next original budget if the fiscal outlook allows.

  • There is no retroactive funding of an additional pay request.

  • Permanent, full-time positions cannot share funding. A separate, identified pool of money is attached to each position in the original budget. No two full-time positions can share a pool of funding.

If money is taken from one position to supplement another position then new money must be requested for the original position to bring it back to the previous salary level. Alternatively, the original position may be reclassified and /or posted at a lower level to compensate for the change in salary amount.