Employee Success Center

Human Resources and Employee Development provides you with the services and programs to make your career here at Valdosta State University enriched and rewarding. If you have any questions regarding the links below, call 229-333-5709.

  • Classification and Compensation The Classification and Compensation Office of Human Resources coordinates the University's staff job-classification process. Class/Comp Office assists with requests from campus departments regarding: Establishment of new staff positions, Reclassification of existing positions when duties have changed, Updating of job descriptions on filled or vacant positions, Analysis and recommendation on appropriate compensation ranges.
  • Educational Benefits The benefit information listed in this site has been prepared to introduce to you the benefits associated with employment at Valdosta State University. Because employment-related factors change with time and are subject to University, Board of Regents, and State policies, this information is intended to be of an unofficial advisory nature. Should an item be of particular concern, the current policy and procedure should be determined at the time of employment. 

  • Employee Assistance This web page provides you with resources ranging from financial assistance to wellness.

  • Employee Self Service Employee Self Service is a new web based tool from VSU Human Resources & Employee Development, Financial Services and Information Technology that will allow employees to manage and view their own employment data.

  • Employment Opportunities Welcome to the Valdosta State University Employment Page. Here you will find the information you need to become a valuable member of the Valdosta State University community.

  • Family Friendly Benefits Human Resources and Employee Development offers assistance in balancing family and work life duties and responsibilities.

  • Retirement Plans All regular employees of Valdosta state University are required by the Act of the General Assembly of the State of Georgia to participate in a retirement program. Faculty and Key Administrators have the option o of participating either in the Teacher's Retirement System of Georgia or an Optional Retirement Plan. All other staff must participate in the Teachers Retirement System of Georgia. Part-time, seasonal, and casual laborers must participate in the Georgia Defined Contribution Plan.

  • Professional Development The University recognizes that training and development programs improve individual and organizational performance and help the University achieve its overall institutional goals. Employees should develop, with their supervisors, plans to enhance skills and prepare for continually evolving responsibilities in their positions. To reinforce the commitment to professional development and as one of the five university strategic goals, all exempt and nonexempt employee position description will carry a 5 % professional development goal.

  • Wellness The VSU Wellness Committee promotes and supports an increased awareness and practice of a healthy lifestyle by offering a variety of educational activities and programs that address the social, intellectual, occupational, spiritual, physical and emotional wellness of the university's faculty, staff and student population.

  • What's New The latest information on human resource and employee development activities that affect you.