Bursary Calendar

 Fee payment deadlines are very important!  Student account balances must be paid in full or covered by sufficient authorized financial aid no later than the fee payment deadline to avoid class cancellation.  To determine if the anticipated financial aid is in fact authorized, please log into the VSU Online Student Account Center and view the account balance including estimated financial aid.  If the anticipated financial aid is not showing there, contact the Financial Aid Office for assistance.

Invoices are not mailed, but provided electronically as 'e-bills' in the Online Student Account Center.  Invoices reflect information as of the date prepared, so to view activity after the statement date and access the most current account balance, select 'Account Activity'.

Questions on how to pay or the type of payments accepted?  View the 'How To Pay Fees' web page for more information.   

Registration/Payment for 2015


Summer I

Summer II & III

Summer IV


Early Registration

November 3 –
November 21

Begins April 6th

Begins April 6th 

e-Bills posted in Online Student Account Center

November 25

April 27 July 8

Updated e-Bills posted in Online Student Account Center 

May 27 July 31

*FEE PAYMENT DEADLINE for Early Registration

January 5 @ 5:00 pm

Mayy 11 @ 5:00 pm August 10 @5:00 pm

Last day to enroll in Nelnet Payment Option (for early fee payment deadline)

January 5 @ 5:00 pm

May 11 @ 5:00 pm 
(to meet early deadline) 
August 10 @ 5 pm 
(to meet early deadline)

Regular Registration

January 8 - 12

May 13-14 June 8-10  July 7 August 13-17

First Day of Classes

January 12 May 14 June 10 July 7 

August 17

Late Registration

January 13 - 16

May 15
(Ends @1:30 pm) 

June 11-12
(Ends @1:30 pm) 

July 7 
(Ends 1:30 pm) 

August 18-21
(Ends @ 1:30 pm) 

Last day to enroll in Nelnet Payment Option (for drop/add deadline)

January 16 @ 1:30 pm 

May 15 @ 1:30 pm  June 12 @ 1:30 pm  June 12 @ 1:30 pm 

August 21 @ 1:30 pm  

*FEE PAYMENT DEADLINE for Late Registration

Jan 16 @ 2:00 pm

May 15 @2:30 pm  June 12 @2:30 pm  July 7 @5:00 pm 

 August 21 @ 2:30 pm 

Last day to setup Direct Deposit Info (in Online Student Account Center)

January 16

May 21
(only for those with May classes)

June 19

August 21

Excess funds Direct Deposit released to our bank (allow additional 1 to 2 business days for your bank to post funds to your bank account)

January 30

June 29  September 4

Excess funds checks mailed via USPS (Checks are placed in VSU mail box if living on campus; otherwise, checks are mailed through USPS to current address as recorded in Banner one week prior to mail date)

February 2

June 30  September 8

 If you have any questions, please email the Bursary or call at 229-333-5718, 229-333-5719, 229-333-5725 or 1-800-618-1878 (option 6).