Mandatory Fees

Section of the University System of Georgia Board of Regents Policy Manual defines Mandatory student fees as fees which are paid by all students as required by the Board of Regents or as required by the institution subject to approval by the Board of Regents.

At Valdosta State University, proposals to increase mandatory student fees and proposals to create new mandatory student fees must first be entered in the University’s Strategic Planning database, receive the recommendation of the President and finally, receive approval from a campus committee composed of at least 50 percent students. Students are appointed by the institution's student government association.  The Board of Regents approves or denies requests in the Spring (for a Fall effective date).

Detailed information about Valdosta State University’s mandatory fees for each semester, Fall 2015 through Summer 2016:

All students are charged the following mandatory fees each semester (fees are not subject to waiver), regardless of campus and/or online credit hours:

  • Technology fee $65
  • Access Card fee $10
  • Institution fee $295 ($147.50 if 4 total hours or less)

Students who are registered for 4 or more credit hours on the main campus will be assessed:

  • Student Activity fees $239
  • Health fee $104
  • Health Facility fee $46
  • Athletic fee $146
  • Transportation fee $35
  • Parking facility fee $118

The University prorates amounts for Athletics and Student Activity fees for on campus enrollment below 4 credit hours.  In addition, students who register for 1-3 hours on the main campus and additional off campus (including online) hours, which put them at 4 or more total hours, will pay the full athletic fee and full student activity fee.  Please note this only affects the Athletic and Student Activity fees.    

  • Student Activity fees:  1 hour, $6 / 2 hours, $12 / 3 hours, $18 / 4 or more hours, $239
  • Athletic fees:  1 hour, $14 / 2 hours, $28 ; 3 hours, $42 / 4 or more hours, $146

All fees are tentative and subject to change based on Board of Regents policy.

Waiver of Mandatory Fees

Section of the University System of Georgia Board of Regents Policy Manual allows an institution to waive mandatory fees under limited circumstances.  At Valdosta State University, students may be eligible for waiver of applicable mandatory fees if enrolled in a practicum (e.g., student teaching), internship, or externship:

  • Practicum, internship, or externship assignment must be located at least 50 miles from the institution, and not in the following counties:  Atkinson, Berrien, Brooks, Charlton, Clinch, Coffee, Colquitt, Cook, Echols, Grady, Irwin, Lanier, Lowndes, Mitchell, Thomas, Tift, Ware, Worth, Hamilton (FL), and Madison (FL). Students placed in these counties are NOT eligible for the waiver of fees.  
  • Students are initially charged and must pay the mandatory fees by published fee payment deadlines.  Then, once the semester begins, the internship/externship/practicum professor should initiate the waiver process by submitting the waiver request for all eligible students.  The Bursary and Registrar's Office then verifies eligibility, applies the waiver and the Bursary refunds the applicable fees in our normal refund process.  
  • Students who feel they are eligible for waiver of mandatory fees under this policy should contact the professor. 

Students enrolled in distance-learning courses or programs and not enrolled in an on-campus course or residing on campus may also be eligible for waiver of applicable mandatory fees.  In this case, only the required mandatory fees are assessed on the student account (technology, access card, and institutional).  The other mandatory fees are not assessed if enrolled totally in online classes.  Thus, no special waiver request is required.

If you have any questions about mandatory fees in general, please contact Debra McCrary or 229-333-5725.