Travel Memo Update Effective 10-1-12:

In July 2012, the State Accounting Office revised the Georgia Travel and Expense policy to provide guidance supporting the implementation of the State’s comprehensive travel program previously announced. University System of Georgia institutions were allowed to implement the changes on October 1, 2012. 

Following is a Summary of Procedural Changes at VSU to be in compliance with State of Georgia and USG travel regulations.


Travelers must obtain an approved Authorization to Travel prior to departure. Traveler and approver will sign off on the Travel Authorization form that they will follow the state guidelines for travel arrangements and cost (including airfare, etc). Approvers are "certifying" expenses. Determine your mode of travel and either reserve a University vehicle or complete a car cost comparison (if fleet vehicle is not available) and/or flight cost to determine and choose the most efficient mode of travel prior to departure. The traveler will print a copy of their submitted expense report and attach receipts and car cost comparison or flight listing if applicable, substantiating that they have followed the state guidelines and utilized the most cost effective travel arrangements. This information will then need to be forwarded to their approver, who will use this to certify expenses. Someone in a position of higher administrative authority must approve travel expense. Require that expense reports be no later than 60 days following completion of the trip (including travel advances). For overnight trips, traveler will receive 75% of allowable per diem on the day of departure and return. PeopleSoft has been programmed to make this adjustment. For non-overnight trips: travelers will receive 100% of the allowable per diem if travelers are away for more than (12) hours and travel more than 50 miles from home or headquarters. PeopleSoft has been programmed to make this adjustment.

Travel AuthorizationsRequest for Authority to Travel (Web Form - Paper Copies will not be accepted).***

Fleet Vehicle Reservations -

Enterprise Rentals

VSU now has a direct billing account setup with Enterprise to eliminate employee out-of-pocket expenses associated with car rentals.  Employees must still complete a Request for Authority to Travel for all travel- unless Standing Authority to travel in Georgia exists.  Employees must continue to reserve university fleet vehicles when they are available or complete a car cost comparison to determine the most efficient method of travel before making rental car reservations.

The link to make reservations - note that the following information will be required:

  • Your first and last name
  • Home Phone- but please enter your work phone instead
  • Credit Card Type
  • VSU email
  • Employee number- this is the 7 digit employee id number located on your pay stub

Expense Reimbursements - PeopleSoft Expenses module (Self Service).
Please read the Travel Procedures as it will assist all University faculty, staff and students to prepare, plan and process travel requests and reimbursements prior to departure.


Documents Needed for travel

VSU Travel

Per Diem Rates


  • Make sure you have an approved Travel Authorization prior to travel
  • Standing Authorizations to Travel within the State of Georgia are updated every Fiscal Year (July-June)
  • If traveling by car, reserve a University vehicle, if available. If one is not available, complete the car cost comparison tool to determine the most efficient mode of travel. Attach a copy to the reimbursement request. 
  • If applicable, print a copy of your flight searches for your flight cost documentation and choose the most cost efficient flight. 
  • If applicable, include a copy of your conference agenda so that allowable meals can be verified.
  • Print a copy of the Georgia Hotel State Tax Exemption Certificate (if traveling in Georgia)
  • Review the "Per Diem- Max Allowances" for meal and lodging allowances. Don't forget to click the First/Last Day button on ALL meals for the first and last day of travel on your expense report.
  • Seperate out expenses by type and day.
  • Save all original paid travel receipts, including airline itinerary, and agendas.
  • Complete expense report within 60 days of return. Sign and submit for approval with original receipts. 
  • Call Accounts Payable at 333-5708 or email (A-M) or (N-Z).