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Through enhanced internal working relations, we will promote a campus-wide student-centered learning community.


A campus-wide quality service training initiative to enhance the efforts of individuals and departments utilizing appropriate training materials and techniques that will promote positive relations among all constituents (both internal and external) with a special emphasis on recruitment and retention.


    • Create prosperity through student and employee recruitment, retention and student graduation. 
    • Provide educational opportunities that focus on excellence for our community (faculty, staff, and student employees) at the appropriate levels to enhance and promote positive communication and professionalism with all constituents.
    • Provide an atmosphere that will enhance networking and sharing of ideas. 
    • Empower each individual to handle difficult situations. 
    • Create “good will ambassadors” in both the employee population and our student base both current and prospective.
    • Model good behavior on campus that will teach our students valuable behavior/conduct as they interact with the outside world.
    • Establish a measurement system that can be utilized to promote continual service improvement.


  • To improve the understanding about the nature, requirements and responsibilities of your unit
  • To increase the knowledge of basic service principles
  • To develop skills to successfully handle the most common service discussions/challenges
  • To increase your effectiveness as an employee through a better understanding of human behavior
  • To improve your knowledge of the standards within which you must work
  • To enhance your knowledge of how the university functions and the resources available to you as an employee

Key Content Area of Training for Staff and Administrators

Day 1:

Building a Service Culture
Teamwork and Team Performance
Avoiding Campus Run-Around

Day 2:

Polishing Daily Skills
Meeting Service Challenges

Day 3:

Action Planning
3-month Follow-up Session
A Blue Print for Service Excellence at VSU

Additional Resources