Glossary of Terms

1. Excellence - Quality or condition of excelling in performance and interactions. a. Service Excellence b. Campus Excellence

2. Shared Vision Service Excellence - A campus wide student centered, learning community sharing prosperity among its faculty, staff and employees with special emphasis on recruitment and retention through customer satisfaction

3. Learning Community - Where everyone is committed to grow through continued learning, sharing and empowering other. A campus where learning continues and benefits all.

4. Partners - Associates, colleagues, joint rights and responsibilities for quality and excellence in information, products, services and positive interactions.

5. Student Centered - A comprehensive program and resources targeted to serve the diversified needs of students.

6. Values - Relative worth, utility, or importance: degree of excellence as defined by VSU.

7. Service Vision - Contribution to the welfare of the University and its community; It's all about quality and excellence in everything we do.

8. Selection of term that "best" describes the people we serve: 
Customer - A person or individual usually having some specified distinctive trait Client - A person who engages the professional advice or services of another. Constituent - The people involved in or served by (as business or institutions).

9. Clear Policy and Standards - A general consent as a model or example of excellence in the quality and accessibility of service and customer satisfaction measurements.

10. Standard Operating Procedures - Written established or prescribed methods to be followed routinely for the performance of designated operations or in designated situations.

11. Good Resources Clearly Defined: People, Materials, Tools, Procedures

12. Leadership - Employees (Faculty & Staff) and students demonstrating clear commitment to recruitment, rentention, and customer satisfaction.

13. People & Processes - Recognition of Employees and Students for jobs well done.

14. Empowerment - To give official authority that enables both the student and employee to have knowledge, resources, and accountability to properly fulfill the expectations of VSU.

15. Accountability - To be responsible for the welfare of the University and its community.

16. Responsibility - Reliability, Trustworthiness. Clear definitions of the things employees are responsible for.

17. Teamwork - Strong positive cohesiveness campus wide to include employees (Faculty & Staff) and students. This will promote prominence to the efficiency of the whole.