2011 ICYC recipients


Card Recipients for December 2011

Susan Jones, Student Success Center

Thank you for helping me find work and providing a good place to study.  Without your management I'm sure the SSC wouldn't be as great a place to study.

Susan Jones, Student Success Center

Susan Jones is an amazing woman who constantly goes above and beyond the required.  She consistently does everything in her power to ensure that those who come to her with concerns are helped, and is quite possibly one of the most fantastic people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing professionally or personally.  Her passion and concern for everyone that walks through the doors of the SSC, no matter who they are or what may be occurring in her own life, is a breath of fresh air and a true blessing to, not only this program, but to Valdosta State University.

Card Recipients for November 2011

Charlotte Foster, Student Health Center

Mrs. Foster is so awesome!  She went over and beyond to help me get my fees paid so that I could register for classes.  I will never forget her!  She is so sweet!

Sharon Butcher, Campus Mail

Sharon provided outstanding support, knowledge, and leadership in organizing and setting up the first Employee Appreciation event.  Her contributions helped make the event a success.

Sabrina Daniels, Registrar's Office

Ms. Daniels accepted a very late application for graduation from me for one of my graduate students.  The student's application had been misplaced and was found at the last minute before graduation.  Ms. Daniels processed the paperwork quickly so that the student could graduate on time.  I appreciate her extra efforts on the part of a graduate student.

Danny Mckee, Information Technology

Danny has provided the IT applications/data warehouse teams with resources and services to aid in accomplishing long term goals for IT and VSU.  He has provided a stable resource infrastructure to provide high availability, disaster recovery, an uptime for applications created by the application team and used across campus.

Dwayne Trouille, Information Technology

Dwayne has provided the IT applications/data warehouse teams with resources and services to aid in accomplishing long term goals for IT and VSU.  He has also quickly responded to quick turn-around requests to support the applications team.  

Shenica Lamb, Information Technology

Helped COSA prepare for the Employee Appreciation by creating two detailed slide show presentations.

Gail Terry, Edwin Hiatt, Lynette Lewis, Charlotte Foster, Sheena Holland, Nicole Walden, 
Student Health Center

Thank you so much for helping me when my throat closed up from a bad reaction to a type of antibiotics.  When I got to the center they were there and quickly got me medical attention when I could not breathe.  Also they followed proper medical procedures.  Thank you.

Card Recipients for October 2011

Beverly Amiot, Financial Services

Beverly assisted me with expediting the process of obtaining a gas card pin number. This was a last minutes rush request. She even stayed late to complete the process. True customer service. Thanks.

Breanna Rollins, Custodial Services

Bree is a very pleasant person, polite and professional. She does a thorough job cleaning - even wipes the handles on our sinks. She makes sure we have towels and toilet paper. Since we have been in our new building, she has done the best job cleaning! We would love to have her here full time!


Glenn Blount, Plant Operations

Information beyond the call of duty. Very helpful and very supportive beyond what we came for.

Marlene Marlow, Plant Operations

Ms. Marlow always goes out of her way to keep our offices spotless. She is always friendly and energetic and keeps a positive attitude.

Michael Holt, Library

Thank you for the big help in the search for inter-library loans on books and articles.

Catherine Nordin, Bookstore

Last Wednesday afternoon before my math class I felt a pain in my chest, neck and shoulders and heaviness on my chest. The VSU bookstore manager, Catherine, was down stairs in the snack store and I motioned for her to come to me. She quickly assessed my medical problem and found my daughter and her friend who were upstairs in the food court. My daughter and Catherine agreed that I needed to go to the emergency room at once. I was hard headed and felt that I didn’t want to miss my class but these gals and others that came to assist wouldn’t take no for an answer. My daughter went to my vehicle to get my Nitro and the car while Catherine gave me aspirin and water. The cardiologist confirmed that I was having a heart attack but no significant damage occurred because of the quick actions of those involved. I want to tell you how grateful I am to those who helped me; they may have saved my life, I don’t know. Please tell Catherine thank you from the bottom of my heart and the University community for showing their support.

Howard Carrier, Library

He explained how to find reference material by computer very well. He had a friendly attitude and seemed to like what he does.

Barry Futch, Environmental & Occupational Safety

Thank you for taking the time to search for the never ending problems. It has been an exhausting 2 years. Again, thank you for taking care of us.

Card Recipients for September 2011

Nevins Hall Custodians, Campus Services

I want to rave about how well and professionally the custodial staff in Nevins Hall perform their job, and do it with an extremely friendly and cheerful attitude that I have not seen in any other building on main campus.

Reed Flanagan, Brian Gonzales, Shana Mikell & Dennis White, Catering

We had to switch our lunchtime events from 1pm to 11:55am at the very last minute during the event! They were very accommodating and great all around customer service. Great job!

Ben Li, Information Technology

Mr. Li helped me on the 16th of September over the telephone.  I had a particularly difficult time enabling WebCT Vista for Anita Ondrusek's MLIS Capstone.  With Ben's help, I used my computer for 2 months.

Barbara Gray, Sponsored Programs & Research Administration

Barbara Gray met with a colleague and I and reviewed our IRB application immediately around 4:00 p.m. Before the close of day we had received an exemption notice.

Charlotte Foster, Student Health

Ms. Foster is always exceptional, always smiling and very friendly. Makes me feel well during my illness.

Shani Wilfred, Criminal Justice

Dr. Wilfred provided me with advice as for as changing my major to criminal justice fall 2010. She was also a great instructor in spring 2011 when I was able to take her data analysis course.

Card Recipients for August 2011

Sheena Holland, Student Health

Exceptionally good nurse!


Edwin Hiatt, Student Health

Everyone at the health center has been very friendly and attentive both times I’ve visited in the past two weeks. From entry to nurse visit to checkout and pharmacy, you have an excellent staff. I would come hang out with them regularly, but let’s hope that is unnecessary.


Linda Most, MLIS

Thank you for being such a great mentor.  Thank you for being so connected in the field and bridging that connection with myself and fellow students. You're a true gem!

Patricia Saunders, Modern and Classical Languages

Every time I walk in that office and ask for any type of assistance she is there to help and puts her all into helping get done what needs to be done. I've watched this person actually break a sweat while attempting to get my paperwork in order for me. She deserves this more than anyone in my opinion.

Leon Meeks, Student Health

Honest, gentle bedside manner.

Jennifer Carver, Bookstore

I came from out of town for the DPA Orientation. I had some issues with my Financial Aid and card and you went out of your way to help me. I appreciate you taking your time to help me and accommodate me so I can be successful on this new adventure. I know you were tired and were closing and it made me feel good to know that you stayed to help me. I cannot thank you enough for your service at VSU.

Anita Ondrusek, MLIS

Thank you for being so dedicated to student success. You are a great mentor and have really helped to connect the program and the field. I will always remember your courses and your leadership. 

Linda Most, MLIS

I have had three college/graduate school advisors in my academic career, and Dr. Linda Most is the one who has made a lasting impression.

Craig Williams, Auxiliary Services

Craig went above and beyond to help with door access issues for residence hall students during the 2011 residence hall opening. He went out of his way to help the staff manage the problems and help get door access for hundreds of students. Craig is always a huge help and always has a smile on his face even when dealing with huge problems. We just want him to know he is appreciated.

Marie Hart, Financial Aid

Mrs. Hart was very kind, patient, and helpful during my talk with her about my status with the financial aid requirements for the deadline of August 4th. I had been panicking because I wasn't sure if I'd be able to keep my classes because my papers weren't sent out as early as they should have been. But with Mrs. Hart's diligence, everything was taken care of by the end of the first week of August and I was able to keep my classes. I really appreciate the help she's given me and she is indeed a wonderful person.

Edwin Hiatt, Student Health

To the health department:

Thank you so much for helping me last week when I was feeling poorly. You have the thanks from my entire family.

Gwen Manning, Financial Aid

She really was very helpful. I was completely lost. We need more faculty in the financial aid department like Ms. Manning. She is fantastic.

Sue Mitchell, Business Finance

Thanks to Ms. Mitchell and her crew for the wonderful ice cream social. So nice to see so many smiling faces. Thanks a bunch.

Steve Cline, Auxiliary Services

Steve has been helping behind the scenes for years. We want him to know how much we appreciate his dedication and hard work. This year was especially tough because of the increased demand for I.T. support from Steve and his crew. Big thanks and know we are thankful!

Holly Lustfeldt, Financial Aid

Mrs. Holly was exceptional in helping me with my financial aid stuff. She would always make time to help me with my questions and filling out forms. She helped me last year as well. She was always friendly and very helpful. I will continue to see Mrs. Holly when I have financial aid questions or problems

Steve Blair, Auxiliary Services

Steve really came through on a ton of last minute requests and unexpected problems during opening. Because of his leadership, problems were solved before people moving in ever noticed. Big thanks for the patience and professionalism

Jeffrey Gallant, Research Librarian

Steve really came through on a ton of last minute requests and unexpected problems during opening. Because of his leadership, problems were solved before people moving in ever noticed. Big thanks for the patience and professionalism.

Card Recipients for July 2011

Drew Burgering, Printing & Copying Services

Due to circumstances beyond our control PSST! had to replace an actor with 2 different actors in a really short period of time. Drew, and his team at the Print Shop, as always, has quickly turned around our printing needs without complaint. We call upon the print shop guys for quick jobs often and they provide excellent service without a hitch. They make working here a pleasure.

Jeremy Mohrfeld, eLearning

Jeremy is a very dedicated, intelligent student worker who regularly makes a substantial contribution to this department.


Mykhael Walker, Information Technology

Mykhael helped me when I was having problems with my computer when others could not figure out the problem. He was friendly and was able to get the job done fast. Thanks so much for your assistance!

David Schmidt, Employee and Organizational Development

David has been a big help with assisting me with TAP.  Every time I have a question he’s very quick to respond.  He makes it very easy to understand the program.  I appreciate everything David has helped me with.  He’s great!

Selenseia Holmes, One Card Services

Selenseia has been a big help when I call and need a picture of a student she's quick to send me an email.  I know it may be aggravating at times because it is for me when a student may have an emergency and don't have id.  I appreciate all her help. Thank you so so much!

Julie Halter, Continuing Education

A million thanks for your thoughtful help and the awesome snacks! We were well and truly cared for-Thank you. You were great and the snacks were YUMMY! Very approachable! Thank you for caring for our needs. Very helpful! Took great care of us! Great snacks. Thank you so much for answering my endless food questions! Thanks for taking such good care of us!

Gary Kuhlmann, Sr., Plant Operations

Gary has been an incredible lifesaver this summer. He has orchestrated several projects simultaneously on campus including several in the residence halls. True leadership and commitment to help... we're thankful for the partnership and know that residential students will have a better experience this fall in part because of his hard work and determination. THANK YOU! 

Kaci Nobles, Plant Operations

Kaci oversaw phase two of the Langdale renovation. She dealt with a challenging contractor and managed all of the Housing concerns with ease. We're grateful for Kaci's determination and realize the project would not have turned out as good without her. Thank you Kaci!

Keith Washington, Central Warehouse

Mr. Washington always has a smile on his face. He is pleasant and always greets everyone in a positive way. He never fails to remember the names of the people he greets and takes on even the most difficult jobs with a smile.  He always brightens my day!

Card Recipients for June 2011

Randy Wiley, Parking & Transportation

Went out of his way to get me where I needed to be! Made my day!


Marie Hart, Financial Aid

Marie went above and beyond to help my family with our process with loans and other financial aid.  She is a very helpful person. Thank you for having her here.

Kiondra Jones, Admissions

Very pleasant, efficient, enthusiastic, and professional office; provided friendly and informative assistance during campus tour.

Corey Wasley, IT

I am a graduate assistant in eLearning and there was a person whose behavior was disturbing.  Corey offered his assistance to me at all times I was here with the behavioral issues with this man and I called him for help. Eventually, the man was no longer allowed into our area.


Card Recipients for May 2011

Glenda Anthony, Student Health Services

The very first time I came to the SHC, I was nervous because I didn't want to come but you, Mrs. Glenda, were so nice to me.  Every time I see you at the SHC or around campus you are so friendly and pleasant.  It is evident that you love people and your job! Thanks a million!


Lynette Lewis, Student Health Services

Thank you for giving exceptional service by helping me receive care when there was a miscommunication between me and the Health Center.  You were so kind and very willing to accommodate me.  I thank you for everything you did for me and you were a very sweet and kind person!

Denise Woodruff, Student Health Services

Mrs. Denise, I came in with an earache and you were so sweet and funny.  You made me feel comfortable and even when I came back for a follow up visit; you had that same pleasant disposition.  Thank you for doing your job with both purpose and love! You are a true example of a great nurse.

Vanessa Johnson, Campus Services

The bathrooms are so clean.  I was here for training and was very impressed.


Nicole Walden, Student Health Services

Thank you for giving exceptional service by helping me when I needed it.  I have been here so many times lately.  You have always been there with a smile. Thank you.

Marsha Walden, OASIS

Last summer (2010), I was faced with the possibility of losing my financial aid.  I switched majors and started into the General Studies program with Marsha as my new advisor.  She has worked extremely hard to make sure that I maintained my goal of graduation this semester.  Any questions/problems that have arisen during this past year, she has helped me; whether it be with the financial aid office, registrar’s office, or the bursary.  She has always presented herself as a professional who is very concerned with her students’ goals.  She has encouraged me when the chips were down and she praised me in my accomplishments here at Valdosta State University.  Marsha is a huge asset to VSU.  I have had a total of four advisors here at VSU and Marsha is the only advisor which has actually helped my goal of graduating from college.  Her door is always open for students to visit and she is just a wonderful person.  I cannot say enough about her.  Marsha, you’re the greatest.  Thanks so much for everything.

Josh Butler, History

Great job as a teaching assistant all year! Wonderful with students!

Deborah Sharpe, Financial Services

Deborah Sharpe went over and beyond resolving a payroll problem with a student transitioning from student assistant to work study.

Gregory Henderson, Information Technology

Upon following up on our VA work student banner account that was delayed.  Greg assisted in getting the ref account operational within 48 hours.  Mr. Henderson’s efforts greatly enhanced our office in meeting the increased summer workload and students’ financial needs!  Additionally, Mr. Henderson called me once he validated the urgent banner account that was established by IT personnel.


Kim Rasumussen, Student Health Services

Thank you for providing exceptional service by conducting a comprehensive assessment on me and really listening.  You educated me on all my concerns.

Nikki Flannery, Student Health Services

Although it usually takes 24-48 hours to process records, Nikki was able to get them for me in minutes.  I drove to the center from Atlanta and her service was right on time.

Nicole Bishop, Student Health Services

Thank for giving exceptional service by offering to read my PPD screening when no one else was available.

Charlotte Foster, Student Health Services

Charlotte fielded my call for assistance with my medical records.  She plainly explained what could be done over the phone and the requirements for what I needed.  She was amazing!


Thank you for giving exceptional service by helping me understand the appointment process so that I knew I needed to call in order to reschedule to have PPD read.

Cameron Thomson, Information Technology

Cameron always responds immediately to our work orders and resolves the issues quicker than most technicians.  Monday (5/23) was no exception.  Our office relies heavily on Banner forms and Cameron arrived, fixed and stayed to test other machines to ensure all was okay.  He is an exceptional technician and an asset to his department. Thank you, Cameron.

Corey Wasley, Information Technology

Corey was incredibly helpful to me in setting up my hall net. He explained everything very well and went above and beyond to help me. I was so appreciative to his kind demeanor and incredible knowledge! He may have been operating in his normal day to day job capacity, but he made me feel like I was the only one that he needed to help at that moment. He went above and beyond in my book! Great job! :)

Card Recipients for April 2011

Dr. James Baxter, Chemistry

Great job with naming labs after retired faculty and senior dinner.

Fred Dunham, Chemistry

Great job keeping office running and handling students.

Gwen Manning, Financial Aid

Thank you for giving exceptional service by having a friendly smile to greet me when I come in and for helping me with my financial aid and learning my name.  You are always willing to help and you help to the best of your ability.  Thank you for being the beautiful woman that you are.

Mark Mears, College of Arts and Sciences

Does a great job handling CUR students and logistics

Jovan Van Dyke, Information Technology

Thank you for assisting me with my new employees!

Dr. Deborah Weaver, Nursing

Dr. Weaver was a phenomenal resource for us when we visited VSU for a nursing faculty development event. She went above and beyond to help us make sure our event was a success for VSU faculty and faculty from other schools.

Allison Brown, Student Success Center

Thank you for providing exceptional service by helping me double my A & PII test grade! Thank you so very much!

Card Recipients for March 2011

Tim Brunt, Plant Ops

He worked with us over time to gather & analyze data, show us how the system worked, and brought our specialized HVAC system back into compliance with archival standards.  It is more reliable than it has been since the renovation started.

Drew Burgering, Printing Services

Drew always provides excellent customer service with a smile.  We had a last minute project that we submitted to the print shop for immediate processing.  Drew not only readily accepted the project; he also offered suggestions to improve the overall presentation.  Additionally, Drew came to the office and presented the modifications to the project prior to processing the job.  Amazingly, Drew completed the print job the same day.  Drew is a tremendous asset to the VSU community.

Helen Burkett, Registrar’s Office

She patiently worked with me while I registered.  Banner kept kicking me out, but she helped make sure I got all the classes I need so I can graduate in December.

Jackie Davis, Student Health

Thank you for giving exceptional service by providing inspiration during times of need.

Charlotte Foster, Student Health

Thank you for giving exceptional service by helping out a poor friend in need.

Dr. Leon Meeks, Student Health

Having a great attitude and sharing his knowledge with us.  He is always willing to answer any question and the students really are pleased that we have him here (as is the rest of the staff).

Terry Morton, Art Department

Terry Morton has helped me every visit to VSU for three years.  I am part of the GISA State competition (15-17 Mar 2011).  She helps answer questions, set-up, telephone availability, etc.

Brittany Smith, Library

Every time that I have come in to find something she has been very helpful!

Dr. Paul Vincent, Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences

Thank you so much for helping me out with my thesis last week!  Also, thanks for generally always being available and willing to lend an ear to a stressed out college student.  I couldn't ask for a better advisor!

Terry Wildes, Student Health

Thank you for giving exceptional service by always trying to make the schedule work. As I have had family illnesses in the past year, she always tries to make a way for me to be off if I can.  She truly cares and it shows.  We all appreciate her as most of the time it is a thankless job.

Card Recipients for February 2011

Kristin Duncan, Student Health

Both ladies were so pleasant and made the experience quite decent.  I enjoyed very much speaking with them and observing their positive attitude.

Ramona Ice, Library Reference Desk

I was desperately in need of a book which was not in stock at the VSU Bookstore, nor Odum Library. Ramona helped me create a GIL account and requested the book that I needed. She was super friendly and patient.

Regina Lee, Employee and Organizational Development

Regina went above and beyond to ensure that a visitor from another university was able to attend a scheduled training session at the University Center. The visitor called the office for directions because she was lost. Fifteen minutes later, the visitor called again from another location and was still lost. Regina advised the visitor to stay where she was and that she would come to the visitor’s location and allow her to follow her back to the University Center. Instead of giving the employee verbal directions again, Regina took the initiative to meet the visitor and provided exceptional customer service. Because of Regina’s efforts, the visitor was able to make the training session on time. Regina, thanks for demonstrating VSU’s commitment to excellent customer service.

Holly Lustfeldt, Financial Aid

We just wanted to thank you for making the transition from JU to VSU so smooth for us. Definitely a blessing sent by God to us, for such a time as this. I believe Micah see's you as a safety net for unanswered questions, as do we. It gives us a sense of peace knowing God sent an angel for us. Thank you.

Gail Terry, Student Health

Both ladies were so pleasant and made the experience quite decent.  I enjoyed very much speaking with them and observing their positive attitude.

Freda Wade, Human Resources

On February 7, 2011, I was home sick; however, information was needed by Payroll ASAP. Due to limited staff in the afternoons, I contacted Ms. Freda Wade and asked for her assistance. Without hesitation, she first asked how I was feeling, and then, asked how she may help. I told Freda that I truly appreciated her assistance and she replied, "You would do the same for me." In my opinion, this exemplifies the notion of a team. Thank you Freda.:)

Gary Kuhlmann II, IT

Spending hours repairing my blackberry! Staying until 6:30 PM one night until it was done!  You are the greatest!

JoAnn Bryant, Business Services

JoAnn has willingly granted my numerous Purchase Order change requests without complaining.  She has a good attitude in performing these tasks, which interrupts her daily schedule of new P.O.'s and other duties. Thank you, JoAnn.

Jackie Davis, Student Health

Always being so sweet and making me laugh. Sick or not, it brightens my day to talk to you. Thank you!

Nicole Bishop, Student Health

Always greeting me with a hug and a smile. You're beautiful inside and out.  You're a good nurse and an even better person. Thank you!

Charlotte Foster, Student Health

Being FABULOUS. I love your personality and you always make me feel welcome.  No matter how busy you are you take the time to let me know that I matter. Thanks so much.

Card Recipients for January 2011

Clayton Brady, Information Technology

As due to the late summer migration to workstation Active Directory login, he proactively initiated biweekly meetings to address library service needs.  His efforts to remove login barriers and restore work station access were extremely helpful for two significant groups, South Georgia College Entry Program students and library visitors with disabilities.

Stephanie Brearley, Student Life

Stephanie displayed excellent customer service and team work by providing assistance with our Golden Key Induction event.  Her prompt action and guidance allowed our event to be a success!  Thank you so much for your helpful attitude!  Thanks a ton Stephanie!

Timothy Brunt, Plant Operations

Tim is one very special worker.  We have had a series of cooling and heating failures.  He always comes promptly.  He is courteous and professional.  He stands out because he is good, competent, and reliable.  He is terrific.

Timothy Brunt, Plant Operations

Mr. Brunt has done an amazing hob of handling the HVAC difficulties in the Speech and Hearing Clinic.  His concern and dedication to his job are to be commended and he never fails to greet each staff/faculty member with a smile!

Kacie Franklin, Housing & Residence Life

As the water shortage struck Valdosta, Kacie rose above and beyond to help out with distributing the water bottles the school has provided for the residents.  If not for her hard work and dedication, the back-up in the line for Centennial Hall's supply of water for the residents would have been absolutely unbearable for the one person on duty.  Kacie stepped and helped out just because she wanted to help, and it was greatly appreciated.

Nadia Hardeman, Student Life

Nadia's prompt response, positive attitude and wonderful display of customer service allowed our Golden Key Induction Ceremony to continue through our little speed bumps.  Nadia displayed wonderful customer service in assisting outside of her job specifications.  Thanks so much Nadia!


Ronald King, Financial Aid

Ronald answered all our questions and was extremely helpful!  He knew a lot of information and told us to call if we had any further questions. His customer services skills are wonderful!

Ronald King, Financial Aid

Ronald was so helpful.  He answered all of my questions fully. I came in and was very lost about what I needed to do.  When I left, I totally understood everything thoroughly.  He was very patience and understanding.  Ronald is a wonderful part of this department.  Without him, I would be lost!!!

Holly Lustfeldt, Financial Aid

Thanks for all you've done for me and my family!





Deborah Reaves, Human Resources

She was clear, informative and helpful while being cheerful and friendly.


Adam Spires, Student Life

Adam's prompt response, willingness to help, and positive attitude allowed for our Golden Key Induction Ceremony to go on.  His help in setting up several extra rows of chairs for waiting attendees was a great display of customer service! Thanks so much Adam!

Peggy Upchurch, Plant Operations

Due to the "Langdale Flood of 2011," the first two floors of the building were left in disarray.  Peggy would volunteer to perform duties outside her normal scope of responsibility.  Duties such as cleaning the inside of moldy refrigerators, breaking down moving boxes, and sweeping/vacuuming hallways several times a day all with a joyous attitude and a grateful smile.

Analicia Wallace, Housing & Residence Life

"Anna" did an amazing job of restoring normalcy to her floor after the "Langdale Flood of 2011."  Anna is the RA of C-wing in Langdale Hall.  She walked through inventory lists with all of her residents, helped sift through damaged items, and offered support to those in need.  VSU is a better university because Anna is a student staff member.