Active For Life Fitness Challenge

About AFL

Welcome to VSU’s 2016 Active for Life Challenge! Active for Life is a free 10-week program that helps people become more physically active while fostering teamwork among colleagues. There are three levels of physical activity from which participants can choose from; bronze, silver, and gold. Each competitor that reaches their fitness goals will be entered into prize drawings AND be eligible for the grand prize drawing. Active for Life is based on the Stages of Change Theory and the American Cancer Society (ACS) Guidelines for Physical Activity. Regular physical activity has been shown to improve job performance and morale, lower absenteeism and turnover, reduce disability days and lower medical costs. 

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Who Can Participate?

All VSU faculty, staff and student employees

How Does It Work?

Participants set their own goals based on how active they are and how active they want to be. Personal goals can be of MODERATE intensity like walking, yard work or taking the stairs to more INTENSE activities such as running, playing tennis or aerobic exercise. Only physical activities that are of moderate intensity or more count towards the point totals for Active for Life.  Participants set their goal as to how many minutes of activity they wish to participate in each day. Each minute of activity equals 1 point. Incentives are drawn every two weeks for all those who achieve their personal goals. 

Bronze - Between 10 and 29 minutes/ 5 days a week

Silver - Between 30 and 59 minutes/ 5 days a week

Gold - 60+ minutes/ 5 days a week

You record your daily activity on a tracking form for 10- weeks. The goal of Active for Life is to find an activity bracket that physically challenges you, but not so much that it discourages you from participating. Your team provides emotional and physical support to help you reach your fitness goals. There are fun events you can participate in and great prizes you can win to help motivate you along the way! 

How Do I Join A Team?

Go to the Active for Life portal. Select Join A Team. Company name is Valdosta State University. Password is vsu. For more information about being a team member, download this guide.

How Do I Form a Team?

Click on this Accept Team Captain Link and follow the steps to set up your team. For more information about being a team captain, download this guide.

What Is The Timeline?

10-week Challenge: September 19-November 27  

Program Kick-Off: Friday, September 16 from 2-3 PM, Student Union Ballroom C

Ending Celebration: Monday, November 28 from 2-3 PM, Student Union Ballroom C


Every two weeks we will send out a newsletter to the campus containing top performing individual and top team performers. The newsletter will also contain exercise tips, healthy recipes, and upcoming wellness sessions. 

Prizes & Incentives

Each level has specific point totals to be eligible to be entered into the prize drawings. The point totals are as follows; bronze 50-145, silver 150-295, and gold is 300 or more points. Every two weeks the points needed to be eligible for prize drawings will be increased. The point totals for each successive week will be based on cumulated point values from the previous weeks. For instance, in week one, gold level competitors need 300+ points. In week two, they will need to acquire 600+ points to be entered into the prize drawing. 

There will be five drawings that will occur every two weeks. The Grand Prize Drawing and Active for Life Celebration is scheduled for November 28. Participants will have the opportunity to earn bonus points during each two week period. Those that earn enough bonus points will have their name entered into the grand prize drawing that will occur during the Active for Life celebration. Bonus points will not be included towards bi-weekly point totals. 

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What About Bonus Points? 

Team members can receive additional points by completing certain tasks and attending health related events throughout the campaign. 

Participants who meet the minimum bonus point opportunities every two weeks will have their name entered into the grand prize drawing. In order to be eligible, participants must complete the specified activities EACH day during the given week(s).The bonus points will not count towards the point requirements for prize drawings every two weeks. 

Click on the link Bonus Points Activities  to access the bonus point opportunities. 


Have questions? Look through the FAQ's available or contact Kimberly Warren or Rebecca Murphy

Downloadable: FAQ