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Active For Life Fitness Challenge

The Active for Life Fitness Challenge will resume Fall 2015.

2014 AFL Results: Congrats to all!

Individual Highest Points

Bronze: Barbara Radcliffe - 4,673 points & Sophi Stevens - 3,294 points

Silver: Mark Morris - 5,339 points & Dawn Lambeth - 3,067 points

Gold: Nicholas Clisby - 15,700 points & Nanci Scheetz - 13,890 points

Top 3 Team Percentages for Reaching Exercise Goal

Tied for 1st Place: Det 172 Stomper (100%) & Fun2Walk (100%)

2nd Place: Sole Walkers - 86%

Top 3 Teams (Average Points per Person)

1st place: Parking & Transportation - 7,432.5 points

2nd place: Det. 172 Stompers - 3,827 points

3rd place: Fund2Walk - 3,331.5 points 

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About AFL

This is a 10-week challenge designed to encourage employees to be more active on a regular basis by setting goals and forming teams for motivation and support. Regular physical activity has been shown to improve job performance and morale, lower absenteeism and turnover, reduce disability days and lower medical costs. Sponsored by the American Cancer Society, this free program helps people become more active thus improving their health and fostering teamwork among colleagues.

Who can participate?

All VSU faculty, staff and student employees

How does it work?

Participants set their own goals based on how active they are and how active they want to be. Personal goals can be moderate like walking, yard work or taking the stairs to more intense like running, playing tennis or aerobic exercise. Physical activity that is of moderate intensity or more counts in Active for Life. Both types of activities have benefits and both count! Participants set their goal as to how many minutes in activity they wish to achieve each day. Each minute of activity equals 1 point. Incentives are drawn every two weeks for all who achieve their personal goal. There are three levels so that participants are competing against those in the same activity bracket. 

Bronze - Between 10 and 29 minutes/ 5 days a week

Silver - Between 30 and 59 minutes/ 5 days a week

Gold - 60+ minutes/ 5 days a week

Try to challenge yourself enough so that you will notice positive improvements in your physical activity, but not so much that you will not be successful. You record your daily activity on a tracking form for 10- weeks. Your team provides support to help you reach your goal and there are fabulous prizes and fun events throughout the program to help you along the way. 

How do I join a team?

Go to Active for Life and select join a team. Enter Company name Valdosta State University and password VSUwellnessclick Continue. Then click search by team name and a list of teams will appear. You will be ask to fill out a goal-setting form and a registration form if new to Active for Life online. Download this guide for more information.

Team Captains

Below is a table outlining current team captains for this year. If you see your department listed and want to participate contact the team captains through email. If you do not see your department listed, consider becoming a team captain your self by following the instructions below this table and recruiting your own team. Some teams are open to everyone, be bold and contact one of these team captains about joining the team!

Team Captain Team Name Team Description
Mark Morris/Misty Moreno Dept 172 Stompers AFROTC
Amanda Whitford Calorie Crunchers Financial Services & the Bursary
Daniel Rowland College of the Arts College of the Arts
Margaret Duncan/Becca Smith Blazers of Glory Access and Counseling Center Offices
Jia Lu Fun2Walk This team is open to colleagues across campus.
Nanci Scheetz Middle School Milers Middle School, Reading and Deaf Education and others interested in joining.
Cecilia Furey Motivated Movers College of Nursing
John Carman Parking and Transportation Parking and Transportation Department
Kristen Duncan/Janice Key Student Health Center Student Health Department
Sterlin Sanders Information Trimology Information Technology
Barrie Fitzgerald/Lisa Snipes VSU EMC Division of Enrollment Management, Marketing & Communications
Ernest Smith VSU HR Human Resources, Employee Development and Student Employment
Suzanne Ewing South Campus Cyclones Continuing Education, Family Works Clinic,and others from South Campus
Alice Smoot/Kyle Culpepper Team Odum Anyone working in the  Odum Library who would like to join.
Sally Westendorf Campus Wellness Winners This team is open to anyone on campus wishing to participate.
Katherine Lamb Sole Walkers Communication Sciences and Disorders and others interested in joining.
Selenceia Holmes Social Equity Office of Social Equity and others interested in joining
Amanda King-Spezzo Sweatin with eLearning Center for eLearning and others interested in joining 
Ron Butler Moving Mailers Campus Mail
Tiffany Aaron Making a Difference Marriage & Family Therapy

How  do I form a team?

Use this link to accept the Team Captain Role and create your team. Download this guide for more information.

What is the timeline?

  • 10-week Challenge - September 15-November 23  
  • Program kick-off - Friday, September 12, 2-3 PM, University Center Cypress Room
  • Ending Celebration - Tuesday, December 2, 2-3 PM Location -TBD


Every two weeks we will send out a newsletter to the campus containing top individual and top team performers. The newsletter will also contain exercise tips, healthy recipes, and upcoming wellness sessions.  

Prizes and Incentives

This year there are many opportunities for winning prizes.  First, you will decide the level at which you will compete: Bronze, Silver, or Gold.  To be more specific, during the first week, Bronze competitors aim to achieve between 50 and 145 points, Silver competitors strive for 150-295 points, and gold competitors shoot for 300 or more points. As the weeks progress, the competitors will strive for more and more points (e.g., Gold competitors will try to accumulate 600 or more points during the second week, 900 or more during the third week…etc.). 

Each competitor that reaches their goal for the week will be included in a drawing which will occur every two weeks, so competitors will have to reach their goals two weeks in a row! Four drawings will take place throughout this year’s challenge, and will occur at the end of each two-week time period: the first drawing will occur on September 30th, the second on October 14th, the third on October 28th, and the fourth on November 11th.  The last two weeks (November 10th - 23rd) of the competition will count towards the FINAL prize give-away as well as all of the points you have accrued throughout the entire challenge.   The top three teams will be awarded at the end of the challenge, as well as the top two competitors overall in each level (bronze, silver, gold).

We have over 100 prizes to give to YOU! Biweekly drawing prizes include VSU logo Tervis Tumbler Cups and Book Store Gift Cards and FINAL prize give-always include Fitbit Flex Wristbands and a Wireless Speaker System. Get out there and start a new routine for a more active life! 

Can my team receive bonus points?

Yes, you can. Team members can receive additional points by completing certain tasks throughout the series. Click here for more information.

Have questions? Look through the FAQ's available or contact Ryan Dugan Sally Westendorf or Becky Murphy

Downloadable: FAQ