What we do?

The Telecommunications department is responsible for the distribution of the monthly phone bill to the campus as well as processing work orders sent to us by the departments for phone/data lines, jacks as well as phone sets.

Final preparation for data service must be done by VSU's Office of Information Technology. OIT technicians and specialists have the responsibility of installing and setting up network cards in individual computers and installing hubs where required to connect the copper wire inside buildings to the fiber optic cables coming from outside the building. Specialists from Information Technology actually complete the data work upon your request to them after the installation is complete. OIT technicians are then responsible for, as they sometimes say, "lighting up the system."

If you experience problems with your phone line /set (i.e. static or a dead phone line) please report those immediately to 1-877-482-3233. They will need to ask a few questions and then will send a technician out to resolve the problem. We are excited to be able to provide even more services to our employees with the new Wireless Communications Devices and Services contract that has now gone into effect. What this means is that now we have the ability to provide  cellular phone and radio service to our employees. If you would like to request one of these services please refer to the Wireless Device Guidelines for information on how these devices are to be used on campus. Please check back to this page for any updates as these guidelines could change at any time. For pagers we are exclusively using ProPage. They provide us with a great rate along with the ability to dial a local number. You can also send a page via the 'paging from the web link' on this page. And at any time, if you have questions please contact this office at sgibbons@valdosta.edu or 333-5706.