• Where is the Telecommunications office located?
    We are located in the Oak Street Parking Deck on the second level.
  • What are your office hours?
    Monday through Thursday 8am-5:30pm and Friday 8am-3:00pm
  • How do I order copies of the BellSouth 'The Real Yellow Pages' telephone directory?

    Send the following information to Central Warehouse and they will send you your own phone book:

    • Department Name
    • Number of Phone Books
    • And where to deliver them, along with the name of a contact person with a phone number.

    Please be considerate of other departments and request no more than 1 phone book per phone line for your department.

    You may also access and electronic copy of the phone book at The Real Yellow Pages or by clicking on the link in the side bar.

    Due to the limited amount of phone books we receive, please check with your department's secretary before you send your request to avoid duplication of orders.

  • How do I order copies of the VSU Directory?
    The VSU Campus Directory is produced through Auxiliary Services and can be downloaded at http://ww2.valdosta.edu/news/Directory/
  • We have found discrepancies on our budget's monthly bill. How can we get this corrected?
    Fax a copy of your bill noting discrepancies or e-mail a list of those discrepancies to Shawn Gibbons (Fax: 333-7419, Phone: 333-5706)
  • How do I make Long Distance Calls from my on-campus office phone?
    You must dial a 9 + 1 + area code + phone number
  • My phone is not working. How do I get my phone or phone line repaired?
    You can call directly by dialing 1-877-482-3233, press 2. Your call will go to an operator who will process your information and place a work order into the system. A technician will be dispatched to fix the problem.