Service and Support

Tech Shop Technician

The VSU Tech Shop offers a wide range of services for student's with computer problems, both hardware and software related. Come by the bar in the Tech Shop to meet with a technician and discuss service options for your computer.


Wireless Configuration….. $29
Tech Shop staff will configure your wireless internet connection to connect to VSUHallNet, insure that your wireless device and software are up-to-date, and insure internet connectivity.

Tech Shop staff will perform a complete diagnostic on your computer, remove viruses from your computer, install anti-virus and anti-malware software, optimize the startup and operation of you computer, and remove harmful software.

Tech Shop staff will back up the data on your computer to an external hard drive. Backups will include personal files (music, pictures, documents, etc). Applications and personal settings are not able to be backed up.

System Optimization…..$49
Tech Shop staff will optimize the startup and operation of your computer, repair startup issues, update drivers and system software, and perform a rudimentary scan for harmful software.

Tech Shop staff will erase your hard drive and reinstall a fresh copy of your operating system (i.e. Windows) onto your hard drive. Reformats generally require your copy of the operating system. A reformat is also necessary if Tech Shop staff install a new hard drive in your computer. We recommend a backup along with a reformat if you wish to save your personal files.

Hardware Installation…..$29
Tech Shop staff can install hardware in your computer. This includes RAM upgrades and hard drive upgrades or replacements. This service fee is in addition to the cost of hardware.

Software Installation…..$29
Tech Shop staff can install software on your computer. This service fee is in addition to the cost of software.

General Labor..... $60/hr
The general labor fee is assessed for repairs that are not covered under a specific repair. This fee is generally applied for out of warranty Apple repairs. Discuss possible fees with your technician before services are rendered.

Bench Fee…..$29
The Bench Fee will be assessed for computers that are checked in for service but are picked up before Tech Shop staff can finish the requested repairs. We will also assess the Bench Fee for any computer which is checked in for service and cannot be repaired due to unforeseen circumstances. When the Bench Fee is assessed, other repair fees are generally not charged, and the Bench Fee will not be assessed for completed services.