Greetings from your transportation supervisor, Mr. Steve Matchett

Welcome to the Transportation home page for the Department of Parking & Transportation at Valdosta State University. You will find all the information you need regarding Transportation to classes on campus. I assure you that your safety is our top priority. I will use the experience and knowledge which I have acquired to see that our department serves you well and meets your transportation needs on campus in an expert, professional way. If you have questions or suggestions, please call us at (229) 293-park(7275).

About the Transportation Supervisor

Throughout the years Mr. Matchett has served VSU in several capacities. Mr. Steve Matchett began his career at Palms Dinning Center at VSU in 1994. In 1995 he held the position of a Bus Operator and was eventually promoted to Lead Bus Driver. Before becoming Transportation Supervisor, Mr. Matchett served as a Bus Operator Foreman. He has extensive training in the transportation field and also has knowledge of university policies and procedures.

Email: Mr. Steve Matchett, Transportation Supervisor