Meal Plans

Details/pricing for VSU meal plans and general dining operations questions should be directed to Blazer Dining  

Please contact the VSU Meal Plan Manager at if you have questions or concerns about the meal plan assigned to your account; for information about account charges and issues relating to adding/deleting/changing your meal plan; or if you experience problems when trying to access your meal plan.  Email correspondence should be sent from your email account and should include your VSU student I.D. number (870# on your 1Card) and as much detailed information as possible.  

  • Please note that if you do not select a meal plan each semester when you register for classes, the default plan will be assigned to your account (Spring 2018 registration opens on October 30, 2017; please select a meal plan when you register for classes).
  • Dining Dollars roll from fall-to-spring semester and expire at the end of spring semester. 
  • At the end of spring and summer semesters, any unused Dining Dollars will be credited to your student account in Banner. 
  • Unused meal swipes are forfeited at the end of each semester.  
  • Students are limited to three (3) meal plan changes per semester; you must submit said changes in your Banner account before the meal plan change deadline.
  • The meal plan change deadline is always scheduled for the first Thursday of the semester (during the first official week of classes) at NOON.  
  • FALL 2017 meal plan change deadline was NOON on Thursday, August 17th.
  • SPRING 2018 meal plan change deadline is NOON (12 pm) on Thursday, January 11th.

All requests for information and/or changes must be submitted in writing by the student.  If said student has given VSU permission to disclose account information to his/her parents via a "Student Records Release" form, parents may request information by email as well (the release form and other important forms are located on the VSU Registrar's website).  The student should be copied on all parental correspondence.

On-Campus Food Purchases with Dining Dollars and FLEX Funds

When making food purchases at any of the dining locations on-campus (including the two markets), please specify from which account you would like to pay…Dining Dollars or FLEX.  These are two separate accounts that are accessible via your VSU 1Card, and the payment process will be expedited if you inform the cashiers of your payment preference.  Debit/credit cards and cash are accepted at most locations as well.