1. What accounts are on my card?

    • FLEX

    • Dining Dollars
    • print money (print money can only be viewed on a printer in library or computer lab)

  2. How do I add money from my debit card to my Flex account?

    • If you are a student:

      • Go to vsu1card.com

      • Log in to the Online Card Office with student’s active directory

      • Add money any amount -- $15 is the miminum deposit (we do not accept American Express)

    • If you are a parent or relative:

      • Go to vsu1card.com


      • Enter the students First and Last Name and VSU email address

      • Add money any amount -- $15 is the miminum deposit (we do not accept American Express)

  3. Is there any other way to add money to my card?

    • Yes.

                          i.      Students can add cash or check (no minimum) to their card in the One Card Services Office

                          ii.      Cash (no minimum) can be loaded onto cards at VTS machines at Langdale and Hopper Hall

  •   How much does a new 1 card cost?

    • First one card is no charge in the office

    • Any card after that is $20

  • What forms of payment do we accept in the office?

    • Cash, Check, or Flex

  • What do I need to have with me to purchase a new one card?

    • 2 forms of identification (one government issued with a picture)

  • How can I check my balance and see my transactions on my 1 card?

    • Log in to the Online Card Office

    • Balance is at bottom of receipt after each transaction is made

  • How can I get the remaining balance refunded back to me?

    1. Student must have at least $25 in their account to get a refund

    2. Go to vsu1card.com

    3. Click on Flex Refund Request Form on the left hand side of the page

    4. Fill out form

    5. Takes 11 days to process

    6. Sent out by Bursary in whatever form student has set up with them to receive refunds (check or direct deposit)

  • Does my FLEX stay on my card all year?

    1. Flex stays on a student’s 1 card from summer to fall and fall to spring, but does not roll over from spring to summer.

    2. At this time, students must fill out a Rollover Form (on vsu1card.com), or if their balance is over $25 it will automatically be refunded back to them at the end of the semester