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Fall 2018 FLEX Transfer Dates

August 8th (9 am) until August 22nd (5 pm)

*Summer 2018 FLEX Transfer Dates were May 9th (9 am) until May 18th (2 pm) and June 5th (9 am) until June 15th (2 pm)

**You may visit the Online Card Office to deposit funds via debit or credit card (parents should select the "guest deposit" feature at the bottom of the page).

Quick Facts

  • Initial VSU 1Card is free (for those students who pay the per-semester card fee)
  • Your VSU 1Card is valid from semester-to-semester
  • All access and privileges are activated at the beginning of each semester electronically.
  • All replacements (lost, stolen, or damaged) are $20.00 each
  • The $20.00 replacement fee for faculty/staff may be paid via an interdepartmental charge; employees must present a completed Interdepartmental ID Replacement Form, with appropriate approvals, in-person at the VSU 1Card office along with two forms of ID
  • The VSU 1Card is the property of Valdosta State University and is to be used only by the person to whom it is issued (non-transferable); the card will be confiscated and all privileges frozen if presented for use by someone other than the cardholder