Welcome to Faculty Scholarship

Currently,we are now accepting applications for Faculty Scholarship for FY 2018 that begins July 1, 2017, and ends June 30, 2018 for Fall & Spring.

The mission of Faculty Scholarship is to help fund VSU faculty to present papers at regional, national, and/or international academic conferences, to attend meetings and workshops which focus on curriculum development and instructional improvement activities.

The intent is that an academically active faculty will make VSU more visible in the academic community at large. This in turn will not only help the university to attract and retain qualified faculty but also will lead to necessary quality improvements in faculty instruction, research, guidance, and counseling to the students. The faculty development funding goes beyond the departmental and college level resources as an additional financial resource for the faculty who wish to pursue professional growth and development, but who are subject to limited departmental funds.

Three categories of funding opportunities exist:

A. Faculty Scholarship for Instructional Improvement

B. Course/Curriculum Development

C. Professional Presentation ( In the case of co-authored presentations only one award can be received.)

Each funding category has specific guidelines which are located within each scholarship category that must be followed to obtain funds, as these guidelines are established to properly channel the flow of funds rather than to refuse proposals.

In other words, the intent of the review process is to assist the faculty in their endeavors. Therefore, faculty may be asked to resubmit returned proposals by following the recommendations of the Committee for reconsideration. It must be noted, however, that the funds are limited and might become exhausted early in the year, and therefore a solid proposal should be submitted in the first instance.

General Guidelines that apply to all scholarship categories:

Proposals from categories A & B must be received by the Faculty Scholarship coordinator in the of Office of Academic Affairs ten (10) working days prior to the committee meeting. Category C proposals should be received by the Faculty Scholarship Coordinator in the Office of Academic Affairs seven (7) workings prior to the first day of travel. Any proposals submitted after the above deadlines will be reviewed and voteed upon the following month.The Faculty Scholarship Committee meets once a month throughout the academic year (except December), either face-to-face or online asynchronously, to consider faculty proposals for course/curriculum development and instructional improvement activities. Meeting dates are established at the beginning of each semester.

Funding is subject to availability of monies and the proposals are accepted for review in order of received date. Currently, there is a $1000 (effective July 1, 2013) maximum award per grant. A faculty member may apply for two grants for travel during the fiscal year, not to exceed $2,000. Or faculty may apply for a one time limit of $2,000 (effective July 1, 2013). In other words, a faculty member who receives the $2,000 award is not eligible for additional funding during that fiscal year. There are other grants available for international travel through the Office of International Programs.

** If you need a different format for any of the documents within this site, please contact the Office of Academic Affairs or by email at cabraswell@valdosta.edu