Environmental Issues Committee

Members of EIC:
Theresa Grove (A&S), Chair Bobby Flowers (COSA) 
Arsalan Wares (A&S), Chair Elect Rebecca Green (CONHS)
Jason Allard (A&S), Past Chair Esther Iverson (COA) on leave Fall 2014
Lynn Adams (COEHS) Luke Jones (COBA)
Lois Bellflowers (CONHS) Tanya Lee (COBA)
Brad Bergstrom (A&S) Linda Most (LIB)
Jennifer Breneiser (COEHS)  Jim Nienow (A&S)
Tommy Crane (COA)  Steve Scheuler (LIB)

Ex officio:
Amber Blocker - SAVE
Candice Childs - SGA Representative
Matt Cowan - SGA Representative
Bob Delong - Director of Environmental and Occupational Safety
Scott Doner - Director of University Police
Traycee Martin - VP for Finance and Administration
Jill Ferrell - Director of Parking and Transportation
Ray Sable - Director of Physical Plant and Facilities Planning

**All committee members must serve on a subcommittee**

Subcommittee Name Subcommittee Members
Campus Beautification and Stewardship

Brad Bergstrom* (chair)
Shirley P Andrews
Jennifer Breneiser*
Emily G Cantonwine
J Richard Carter
Robert A DeLong (ex-officio)
Bobby Flowers*
W. Brett Ganas
Cheryl A Hatcher
Linda R Most*
Marc G Pufong
Aristotel Santas
Shirley E Thompson

Energy Conservation and Facilities

Tommy Crane* (chair)
Amber Blocker (S.A.V.E. representative)
Theresa J Grove*
Luke Jones*
Tanya Lee*
Karen Noll


Jim Nienow* (chair)
Lynn Adams*
Jason Allard*
Lois Ann Bellflowers*
Rebecca Green*
Cheryl Hatcher
Meredith Lancaster
Steven Scheuler*

* member of EIC