Content Guidelines

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Before your week begins:

  • How will you make your week stand out from the other weeks? How will you tell your VSU story? Take 5-10 minutes to think about your week and jot down ideas. Some of the best content on @ValdostaState was planned days before posting it.

  • Think about what you love about Instagram. What photos and videos have you liked and why? What photos and videos haven’t you liked and why? How can you incorporate the things you love into what you post?

Guidelines for posting:

  1. Before taking a photo, consider all of the content in the photograph/video (including your caption). No signs/mentions of alcohol, anything illegal or anything else that could be deemed inappropriate. These posts will be removed.

  2. Your first post of the week should be an introductory post, introducing you to our followers. Be creative! Mirror selfies are discouraged.

  3. Please make sure you are in at least one of your photos/videos from the week (this can include your introductory post).

  4. Include the #ValdostaState hashtag and your initials at the end of each caption. (e.g. A beautiful day at #ValdostaState! – KW)

  5. “Don’t feel obligated to post every day. Post when you have good content” is great advice. We don’t require a certain number of posts for this reason. If you are posting more than one photo/video a day, space out your posts and don’t post back-to-back. Follower feedback says 2-4 photos (spaced out) are the most they’d like to see in one day.

  6. We recommend you stay off your personal Instagram account the week you are running @VStateExperience. Unfortunately, Instagram is not friendly when it comes to managing multiple accounts on one device.

Content Thoughts, Tips, and Ideas

  • Celebrate good times – yours, that is! @VStateExperience gives VSU a chance to show YOU off. When you look back at your week, it should tell a snippet of YOUR unique Valdosta State story.

  • Post more photos of your day-to-day life and less pretty campus photos. Finding a balance between the two is key!

  • People love behind-the-scenes content or perspectives from places/things they don’t normally get to see. What do you see or experience

    every day that most people don’t? Challenge yourself to think outside the box.

  • Don’t be afraid to mix it up and be fun.

  • People like nice photos, but something clever will make people say, “WOW.”
    Struggling to get creative? It happens to the best of us. Think about crafting photos/videos/collages, etc. that answer these questions:

    • What is the one (or 2, or 3...) thing people should know about your V-State experience?

    • Why did you decide to come to VSU?

    • Was there a place on campus you were standing that you knew VSU was the place for you? Was there a person who convinced you?

    • Think of your favorites: Favorite meal, favorite class, favorite place, favorite activity, favorite VSU employee.

    • What inspires you?

    • Apps like OKDoThis are great idea-generators for posts.

Questions? Contact Keith at or 229-333-7049.