The @VStateExperience

Welcome to our newest social media endeavor, the @VStateExperience! This account was created to show followers a glimpse of the lives of VSU students, who will take turns hosting the account for a week at a time.

Each Monday morning, a new student will take over @VStateExperience, introducing themselves and telling you what makes them unique. They'll spend the week showing you life on campus from their eyes, including their favorite spots on campus, favorite professors and classes, as well as behind-the-scenes looks into places only they can show you! The account will offer something completely different each week, reflecting the diverse and exciting student population at Valdosta State University!

Interested in hosting?

There is only one prerequisite to host the account: you have to be an enrolled Valdosta State University student. That's it! You can be an online student, traditional or nontraditional student, club member, athlete, mathlete... you name it! To apply to host, you'll follow a simple process:

  • Submit the application to host @VStateExperience here.
  • Review the content guidelines sheet and make an appointment with the university's social media manager, who will contact you if you are a good fit for the project.
  • Schedule a week to host and plan content in preparation for your week
  • Receive the password to @VStateExperience Monday morning and have fun!

This project was started after working with Saint Lawrence University social media manager Meg Bernier, who developed the idea in 2013.