Better Communications By Design

In Style

Maintaining a professional image that reflects a consistent style is key. Well-written and attractively designed materials grab people’s attention and communicate the message effectively.

On Target

Providing the best delivery method for the target audience ensures that the message will have the greatest impact. 


The purpose of this online guide is to acquaint the various offices, divisions, departments and colleges at VSU with the publication process of the university. Please refer to this online guide or the downloadable PDF version to answer questions that may arise regarding printing and/or publishing requests. If you still have questions, contact Creative Design Services (CDS).

Image Is Everything

Let’s face it, looks matter and you never get a chance to make a second impression. As cliché as that sounds, it’s true. Brochures, posters, newsletters and web pages are often the public’s foremost exposure to Valdosta State University. The importance of presenting a professional and audience appropriate image in a fiercely competitive educational market cannot be taken lightly. Well-organized, attractively designed materials grab people’s attention, effectively communicate information and better position the university to attract the best people and philanthropic donations. Poorly developed, under designed pieces, go unnoticed, do not effectively convey the message and present VSU in a negative light.

Crafting An Image

CDS exists to develop and maintain Valdosta State University’s visual image. The in-house design studio features a six-person team with more than 25 years of collaborative experience and knowledge. CDS provides campus clients with publications development from concept to completion, including consultation and planning, editorial assistance and graphic design. The team is charged with providing visual communications guidance including usage of the university logo, seal and other visual standards by producing high quality, cost-effective printed materials that enhance the university’s marketing efforts. 

Design services are free but departments are responsible for any costs associated with printing, photography and illustration. CDS makes every effort to find the most competitive pricing. Contact CDS to guarantee university, college, departmental and program publications present a consistent, uniform and professional image. 

All design work requested by any campus office must be submitted to the Office of CDS for approval, and the right of first refusal. All campus printing must be submitted to Printing & Copying Services for the right of first refusal. These conditions must be met regardless of funding source.

The Office of CDS maintains all visual identity standards for Valdosta State University. Please refer to the Visual Identity Program Guide for more information regarding this.

Producing a good publication is both an art and a science. The art is getting across your marketing message to a target group. The science is a series of closely related, sequential steps, each playing a crucial role in the creation of your publication. 

And speaking of crucial roles, we encourage you to be as involved as possible throughout every step of production. To make sure that everything goes smoothly and to ensure an effective publication, we’ve outlined in general terms your role and our role in the overall production process.  

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