Getting Started


Publications can take much longer to produce than most people realize. While CDS makes every effort to streamline the process, campus clients should contact the CDS director (or project coordinator) for an appointment three to six weeks before the desired delivery date for most publications and four to eight weeks in advance for new, lengthy or complicated projects. Providing adequate time to create a quality publication is in the best interest of all concerned. CDS can help make some determinations during the initial meeting but clients should come with an idea about budget, time line, communication strategy, audience, content, quantity and distribution. Also, a service request with proper signature approval is required before design begins on any project.

Who, What, Where, When, Why & How?

If you are thinking about producing a brochure, newsletter or any other publication with university or foundation funds, your first step should be to determine:

Who Who is the target audience for your publication?

What What is your message?  What is the purpose of your publication?

Where Where will your publication be encountered? 

When When will it be needed?

Why Why do you need it?

How How will you pay for it? Do you have the money in your budget allocated to produce a publication? And the approval?

If you can answer these questions, you need to take a few minutes and talk with Creative Design Services (CDS) to discuss your ideas and needs.

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