Editing The Manuscript

Experienced editors can do a great deal to enhance and ensure readability. The Office of Communications (OC) will make sure the publication accurately reflects your expressed purpose and will edit for consistency and accuracy. 

OC will check grammar, punctuation, spelling, organization, clarity, consistency, and usage; these things include such things as marking titles for proper capitalization, spelling out certain numbers, and so on. 

OC will also double check general VSU information, such as enrollment figures, and CDS will ensure that your publication is properly identified as a VSU publication. 

Each VSU publication must include the VSU logo and the current nondiscrimination statement, which our office can supply. 

If necessary, once the editor has read your manuscript, they may schedule a meeting with you to review any substantive changes. 


Graphic designers interpret the needs of each publication, making it communicate effectively, attractively, and appropriately. Designers are problem solvers who use their aesthetic ability to communicate ideas and to solve your communication “problem.” 

The information you provide in our initial meeting will shape the overall direction the designer takes. These factors include, but are not limited to, what you want your publication to achieve, who your audience is, your budget, your time frame, and the complexity of the project. 

To show you what the finished publication will look like, the designer will show you a comprehensive (mockup) layout. The comprehensive layout will show ink color (if possible), type style, layout, and placement of art and photos. When the designer shows you the comprehensive, you can discuss any minor changes in the design. 

Generally, only one comprehensive layout is prepared for each job. We will try to provide you with a design that you like; however, we cannot provide unlimited alternative designs for you to choose from because of material costs, staff size, and the number of projects we coordinate. 


CDS will obtain cost estimates after we discuss your project with you. 

If you have obtained earlier cost estimates from Printing & Copying Services or an off-campus printer, we will ask for revised cost estimates based on factors we firm up when we talk about the project. 

We will also provide a cost analysis that shows you cost differences based on quantities and other factors.  

Design services provided by CDS are free. However, costs for printing must be paid for by your office. 

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