Michael Kitchens


Graduate Assistant: Academic Advisor
UC Room 1114
(229) 245-4378

Michael has moved a great deal throughout his collegiate journey.His journey started immediately after graduation from Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College in August 2003 as a Music education major.He transferred to South Georgia College in January 2005 where he earned his Associate of Arts in Sociology.After completion of that degree, he moved to Clinton in January 2006, to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Christian Studies at Mississippi College, a private Baptist college.However, he moved to Valdosta in August 2007 to attend Valdosta State University where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Anthropology in December 2008. Michael completed an internship with OASIS Center for Advising in the Fall of 2008.He attributes his initial interest in advising to the frustration he experienced in transferring from schools in-state and out-of-state, public to private (and back to public), and even from program to program.It was during his time as an intern for OASIS that Michael found an outlet for his past frustrations.  He developed a passion to help students not only find their way through all the paperwork and jargon present in college but also to assist them in finding their way to becoming the person they desire to be.Michael is currently working on his Master’s in Clinical/Counseling Psychology in order to further enhance his ability to develop the assets of his clients in the role of an academic advisor and career counselor.