Exploratory Students



 Exploratory students


What does it mean to be an Exploratory Student?


Exploratory students are students who have not yet declared a major. In other words, Exploratory Students are those students who are still exploring their interests to decide on a major that will help them achieve personal, academic, and future career goals. Formerly labeled "undecided," the term "exploratory" better suits our students as they seek to understand their own interests in order decide on the major that best meets the student's needs.
The time must come for every student to choose a major and we encourage students to select one by the middle of their sophomore year at VSU. That being said, you are not alone in your journey! Each semester, students meet with an academic advisor to discuss their academic progress. This includes progress towards choosing a major. Your advisor will work with you to help you understand your interests, evaluate your course progress, register for the upcoming semester's courses, identify the best major for you, and ultimately help you to graduate in a timely manner. Once you are ready to choose a major, you will complete a Change of Major Form indicating that you have explored your options and discovered the best major for you!
Remember: Our Centralized Advising team is available throughout the academic year to discuss any educational issues that might surface. These include, but are not limited to, course selection, general education questions, major requirements, and academic progress. Don't hesitate to call the Centralized Advising office and make an appointment with your advisor if you have questions!



Why Should I Choose to be an Exploratory Student?

If you are unsure about your academic or career goals, you might benefit from being an Exploratory Student. For starters, if you are unsure about your goals, becoming an Exploratory Student will allow you to learn about the choices available to you at Valdosta State University. You will also learn what each choice will require of you as a student. If you just need time to weigh your options, choosing to become an Exploratory Student will allow you that extra time to discover your interests, your passions, and it will, most importantly, help you make a solid decision when you do decide on a major.



Here's a Little Fact:


  • Most students change their majors at least one time
  • Exploratory Students can explore their interests without the pressures of major-related courses
  • Between 300 and 400 first-year students enroll at VSU as Exploratory Students each fall