RAP: Roommate Assistance Program

A Housing & Residence Life Partnership with the Marriage and Family Therapy Program to Resolve Roommate Conflict

What Is RAP?

If roommates have unsuccessfully tried to resolve issues amongst themselves, the RAP program can be utilized to facilitate a conversation that is respectful and listens openly to all concerns while working to find a resolution.

How Does It Work?

Residents will meet twice with RAP facilitators. The meetings will be held in the residence halls and be approximately two hours in length. At the conclusion of the second meeting, a roommate solution will be agreed upon by both residents. Possible solutions include the establishment of a roommate contract or a roommate change. If the facilitator determines that a roommate change needs to occur, the facilitator will provide the Complex Director with a letter of recommendation for a room change.

What is it Like?

You and your roommate will be meeting with two RAP facilitators. The facilitators will not be conducting therapy or asking you to reveal personal issues unrelated to your living situation. The conversation will address only those issues relevant to solving the roommate dispute. Each of you will have the chance to tell us your point of view and concerns about the matter and describe what has happened from your perspective. You will then have the chance to ask questions of each other. Together you and your facilitators will be brainstorming ideas and solutions to help you live together in a way that is comfortable for both parties. As facilitators, we will not be deciding who is “right” or “wrong” but seeking a resolution that works for both of the roommates.

See your Hall Director or RA to set up an appointment

to meet with a RAP facilitator

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call Jennifer Lambert-Shute at (229)-245-4323, jjshuteatvaldosta.edu. or contact Janine Weaver Douglas at (229) 333-5607, jmweaverdouglasatvaldosta.edu