Student Employment

In order to ensure your future success as a graduate of Valdosta State University, this university has taken steps to assist you with your financial and employment needs. Employment enables students to cover part of their expenses while attending school, and studies show that work has positive effects on students' overall academic achievements.

Several employment opportunities exist to meet each student’s need, whether or not they are eligible for financial aid.

  • On-Campus Employment: The Student Employment Office is located in the Student Success Center. Here you will find job listings of on campus positions that you may apply for as long as you maintain your student status. For available positions, please visit our current listing:
  • Off-Campus Employment: The Career Services Department is located in Powell Hall West 2nd Floor. The Office of Career Services may provide you with information on other community opportunities such as internships and cooperative education opportunities. For available positions, please visit Career Services’ website.
  • Federal Work Study: Office of Financial Aid, which is located in the University Center, manages Federal Work Study positions. For available positions, please visit Financial Aid’s website.