Student Success Center Seminars


LOCATION: Student Success Center, Langdale Hall (unless noted).
CALL: 229-333-7570 at least 24 hours in advance to register for a seminar.

(sessions last 1 hour unless noted otherwise)

Navigating College
Learn how to use the VSU catalog effectively and what resources are available to assist you on campus.

January 22 or 23 at 3pm

Time Management 
Learn how to make the most of the time you have every week to study and prepare for classes while 
still having time for fun.

January 29 or 30 at 3pm

Collegiate Reading 
Learn strategies to improve your reading of text material, to speed up your reading and still retain what you read.

February 5 or 6 at 3pm

Collegiate Writing 
Learn techniques to improve your ability to write great papers and tips for formatting.

February 12 or 13 at 3pm 

Critical Thinking 
Learn why you think the way you think and to question your assumptions.

February 19 or 20 at 3pm

Study & Test Taking Skills 
Learn your preferred studying style in order to improve your study skills, & how to successfully take exams.
Work smarter, not harder!

February 26 or 27 at 3pm

Test Anxiety Management

(at Counseling Center, Powell Hall East Conference Room) - call 229-333-5940 to reserve
Learn how to cope with anxiety before tests, lower stress levels, and earn higher grades.

Contact Counseling Center for dates & times