Student Success Center Workshops

FALL 2014

LOCATION: Student Success Center, Langdale Hall (unless noted).
CALL: 229-333-7570 at least 24 hours in advance to register for a seminar.

(Sessions last 1 hour unless noted otherwise and begin at 3:15pm)

Critical Thinking

Learn why you think the way you think and question your assumptions. Find out how to separate good information from bad and use that to improve your written and oral arguments. 

August 26 or October 2

Investing in Your Future

Find ways to prepare for your future educational and career goals

August 28 or October 7

Listening, Note-Taking and Participation

Improve on your in class listening skills, better ways to take and organize class notes and tips for class participation

September 2 or October 9

Make it Stick

Make your knowledge stick to improve success. Learn how to manage your time, improve your study skills and tips for taking tests.

September 4 or October 14

Many Ways to Study Smarter

Simple and easy to use strategies for improving studying and taking the stress out of it.

September 9 or October 16

Navigating College

Learn how to use the VSU catalog effectively and what resources are available to assist you on campus.

September 11 or October 21

Time Management 

Learn how to make the most of the time you have every week to study and prepare for classes while 
still having time for fun.

September 16 or October 28

Reading & Writing for College

Learn strategies to improve your reading of text material, to speed up your reading and still retain what you read and learn techniques to write great papers.

September 18 or October 23


Student Success Center Seminar Presentations

The SSC staff realizes that many students are academically very capable, but often find it difficult to keep on top of their school work due to issues balancing their time, poor study skills, test anxiety, note-taking techniques, etc. We feel each area is an important part of the university experience. A student can meet with an Academic Advisor to discuss strategies to help them improve in these areas. The SSC also offers group workshops in each of the following areas.


  • Critical Thinking (Video)
  • Make It Stick (Video) - time management, study skills, & test taking tips)
  • Investing in Your Future (Video)
  • Reading and Writing for College (Video)