Resources for Faculty

At Valdosta State University, advising is a collaborative process designed to help students

  • succeed academically,
  • develop an appropriate educational plan leading to graduation,
  • focus on their life beyond the university, and
  • play a responsible and proactive role in their own education.

Advisors will assist students in decision-making by

  • providing timely and accurate information,
  • making appropriate referrals to campus resources, and
  • encouraging students to use available technology.

    Sample Syllabus Statement:

"The Student Success Center (SSC) at Valdosta State University is located in Langdale Residence Hall above the Tech Shop and is available to all students. The SSC provides free peer tutoring in core curriculum courses, including biology, chemistry, math, writing, and foreign languages.  The SSC also provides free professional academic advising and on-campus job information in one location.  Call 333-7570 to make an appointment, or visit the website:"